Review – Ya Leil Ya Leil – Cabaret mn Turkiye

Atlanta’s Kawaii-ites truly enjoy cultural activities such as these. A few of the Entourage members are local dance enthusiasts.

Raqs Atlanta

*I’m Nigerian-American. I love lectures and education on new and old trends in art, music, dance. I grew up watching relatives from Philistine, Lebanon and various African nations during holiday haflas, weddings and more. If I show up at an event it’s because something in the promotions and marketing screamed “cultural dance.” I once left a suddenly damaged vehicle (ran over a sink in the road in Canton, Ga in the middle of the night) on the side of the road because I wanted to get to a cultural dance show. I literally left he keys with the tow truck operator and gave him the address of a nearby autoshop, told him to leave it there and I’d take care of it in the morning. I wasn’t going to miss the show! It’s just that crucial. I’m always happy to support raqs art when possible! I write the below after…

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Review: Hello Kitty Cafe Truck in Atlanta October 2016

#RNG and friends await for the tea party. 🙂

My Macarons AreAQs

Just got back from the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck in Atlantic Station. Not sure how I feel about the experience. I felt like it was a missed opportunity by Sanrio, the parent company of HK. I first met HK on the way home from my grandparents house. There was a little shop in a historic part of the city we lived in at the time. Inside a light was on and the there were little crystal clear pink packages in the window. The light shown down from an upstairs part of the store. Heaven knows there may have been a newcomer or maybe a first gen like myself who was Japanese and a distributor for Hello Kitty and other characters inside. I would have dreams about being in this store and I have, after all these years, not ever forgotten seeing and wondering what on earth it was.

Fast forward…

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