Review – Ya Leil Ya Leil – Cabaret mn Turkiye

Atlanta’s Kawaii-ites truly enjoy cultural activities such as these. A few of the Entourage members are local dance enthusiasts.

Raqs Atlanta

*I’m Nigerian-American. I love lectures and education on new and old trends in art, music, dance. I grew up watching relatives from Philistine, Lebanon and various African nations during holiday haflas, weddings and more. If I show up at an event it’s because something in the promotions and marketing screamed “cultural dance.” I once left a suddenly damaged vehicle (ran over a sink in the road in Canton, Ga in the middle of the night) on the side of the road because I wanted to get to a cultural dance show. I literally left he keys with the tow truck operator and gave him the address of a nearby autoshop, told him to leave it there and I’d take care of it in the morning. I wasn’t going to miss the show! It’s just that crucial. I’m always happy to support raqs art when possible! I write the below after…

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Pause the Goth Layers, Transition to a Light Spring Dream

In the winter we tend to lean toward darker colours and black. Many of us are fond of the Gothic and Lolita Styles that are swept into the realm of EGL and Punk Loli. While some never skew from that colour palate, wearing heavy layers in the Spring and Summer can be daunting and uncomfortable. It can even be dangerous. So we’re looking at some styles we found featuring comfortable coordinates.

It’s okay to ditch the blouse. We know that’s Lolita rule number 1 in many cases, but there are lots of OPs that are thin and comfy and that wearing a JSK and blouse may not even be necessary. So look for OPs at this time of year to save on the layers.

Nothing but net! Need we say more? Go with a mesh or netted top that allows you to breathe. No satin or heavy cotton long sleeves for Spring and Summer. Let’s let loose and go with the breezy tops layered with lace and cute brights that are kawaii and light.

Tease ’em with this turn it out skirt! A light colour paired with black is still all that! This gothic lolita look is absolutely awesome with light layers and the beloved parasol. She’s looking spring and chic!

130824-9203 - Japanese street fashion in Harajuku, Tokyo

Last but far from least is our MessyBoots tee. Comes in short sleeve and sleeveles and is a favourite among our entourage and their friends. You’ve got the best of both worlds with this one and it can be combined with a leather skirt, high buckled boots with just the right amount of colours to mix and match with for hair accessories. You struck gold with this one!

So, dear fellow goth and punk Lolis…what say you? What are you transitioning into in the warmer months? Can’t wait to hear from you. Be sure to tag us in posts featuring you in your RNG swag to get entered to win cool things from RainbowsnGold!

#HappyRebellion sometimes means no blouse!
-RNG Entourage

Kawaii Scents: Cute Aromas

There are few things more captivating than the essence of a wonderful mix of scents. Prevalent at tea parties, festivals and ceremonies, these aromas range from heavy lilac and lavender to earth, wood and amber. Kawaii Scents are varied. Most notable are Vanilla, Berry, Lavendar, Rain, Seasplash, Honeysuckle, Sugar and Cotton to name a few. There are shops dedicated to these types of natural and edible aromas. Bath and Body Works is one and they offer a number of discounts and specials that permit scent lovers to stock up and indulge.


Essential oils not only smell amazing, they keep you well and healthy! 

Other shops and even apothecaries provide deeper scents and nature’s notes with viles of elderberry, bark, basil and other bold olfactory favourites. You can even go to the Body Shop and seek out certain oils that please your scent needs.Most popular of all are essential oils from companies like Young Living and Aper’s Rose which specialise in heavenly notes of citrus, thyme, chocolate and patchouli. The possibilities are endless with their suggested recipes and mixes. You can’t go wrong with these.

Aromas, scents, notes and olfactory favs are one part of enhancing your Kawaii life. Part of dressing the part is feeling it in your heart and the best way is to take it the next level in your eau de toilette, lotions and perfumes. Leave a lingering lasting impression of Kawaii Scents as you galavant with the girls and guys of the kawaiiverse!



Let us know what you choose. Slip into your coveted RNG tee and let us see you w/a symbol of your scent. Are you a vanilla bean dream in our Tea Party theme or a with a thyme and basil BTSSB clad kinda crew? Snap a selfie and we’ll pick one of you!

#KawaiiRebellion is just a wonderful whif away.
-RNG Entourage

Spring Tea -A Kawaii Past Time

It’s that time of year again where we scour the land looking for the best tea. We’re giving you our Spring 2017 Top Tea list.

10. St. Regis Atlanta – price is pretty reasonable and the on site luxury supports our Kawaii elegance.


courtesy St. Regis Atlanta

9. Whole Foods – not one’s first choice but with the selection of coffee and teas plus wine keep our cups flowing over.

8. Tipple & Rose Tea Parlor – the proprietors know their tea and will let you know they know. They host theme parties and lots of cool events that Tokyo’s Kawaii-ites will love.


7. Annual Lolita Tea of Atlanta hosted by Andrea Nicole Baker – this tea party is known for being several hours of pure bliss with many members of the Atlanta Lolita Comm and their friends from out of state which make up the Southern Tea Party Club. It’s quite a kawaii sight and we love it!

6. Kroger Lindbergh – hot bar, wine bar, Starbucks – We never thought we’d be hanging out in Krogers to get our kawaii tea fix but alas we are! This particular Kroger (pronounced Krojaayyy by beloved fans) boasts an amazing array of food that takes up an entire section of the store. Adjacent is an exquisite wine bar with a team of knowledgeable experts giving you a true restaurant and wine bar experience. And then there’s us, we’re sitting there in Starbucks giggling and laughing with dolls in tow over a venti-green tea frappuccino double blended with hazelnut syrup and the kitchen sink. It’s quite fun! Join us some Monday nights!

5. Alon’s Bakery – an amazing bakery owned by a local Frenchman with an awesome history and city tie. Their macarons are the freshest most natural in all of the city featuring seasonal flavours. They also have an incredible display of pastries and baked goods including pistachio came almond croissants.

4. Cami Cakes – we just sit here and try ALL the cupcakes. ALL OF THEM!


3. Douceur de France/Bastille Day – this is our annual celebration with our dearest Sacha Chouchou who hosts this at Douceur de France in Marietta, GA every year for the holiday. The fun we have is detailed in our blog and is truly more than words can say. We have a blast!

2. Sweet Hut – A lot of our adventures start or end here. This is our go to place at the beginning of the day or our way of ending an incredible evening. From the sumptuous samosas to the cute cupcakes and teas, we’re steeped in sugar at this place and we love it.


1. Cafe Intermezzo – this needs no introduction. Just look at their menu! Cheesecake and Crepes Francaises for days!

Come find the entourage at any one of these tea parties and events. We live for a cuppa. It’s more than just the tea, it’s the friendship and fun that is rolled into one!

Two lumps or three?
#Happy Rebellion = 5 in our tea!
-RNG Entourage

*IG Pictures and fun courtesy of RNG and AA our active entourage member. Follow us on IG as well

Kawaii Challenges: Overcoming the Obstacles



Let kawaii life start with you! Grab an RNG tee and be cute!

The act and art of being kawaii has evolved over the years. There have been some pretty rough and scary times for those looking to break out into the fashion and more so the lifestyle. When our resident blogger, friends and others in our entourage first began to consider the fashion for themselves, there were so many challenges and obstacles to overcome. More than fear of getting it wrong, there were entire communities filled with unspoken dos and don’ts. How does one navigate the cute path without getting discouraged? While there are so many great things about our fashion community there are some things that newcomers meet with resistance and disdain. But keep going, there’s always an alternative way to stay. Our top five overcoming obstacles list starts here:

1. The Price! – If you’re into Lolita fashion, which is often one’s first introduction into the world of kawaii life, you’ll get sticker shock. How can a dress cost so much and you can only wear it to a few places or maybe just once before it’s already passee? Fear not, third party sellers, brand sales and online deals from Etsy can get you the dream dress you desire and deserve. Sometimes you can even buy the material from the brand store and make your own or hire a seamstress to create a dress for you. Never let the price of a coordinate turn you away. Look at the alternatives and own them! Be willing to do something different and not follow suit for the sake of fitting in. A decent fashion community will embrace what you’ve done with your kawaii creation. Look at the basic standards for the dress and fashion. Once understood, venture out gently into a design or print that works for you and your budget.
2. Brand Whores – What an awful thing to call someone but you hear it sometimes. This is a name used toward someone who repeatedly purchases a dresses from a popular designer and in some cases, only buys from AP or BTSSB. So, do you like these brands? That’s what you like to buy? You buy only brand and get scolded for it!? For some, brand is their first introduction to the JFashion and Lolita life. If you like brand, wear it and enjoy it. Most communities appreciate brand clothing and as long as you don’t force others to only buy your favourites, then more power to you! For us, brand goes beyond those two designers. Brand for us is any brand that has really made its mark by serving the ENTIRE community including the many different sizes that are represented. Redefine what it means to be a brand whore. Go all out in your favourite indie designer or something you skillfully created yourself. Slap your kawaii name on it and, again, own it!
3. Location of MeetUps and Cons – For some Lolitas finding others of their own kind is just plain hard. You’re sitting there at the cookie shop looking lonely and forelorn. Well, create a meet-up. Plan a day of activities that would be awesome enough that people from other states would literally drive an hour to spend time doing things with you. Take plenty of pictures and plan these for once a month. Most Lolitas love road trips and are happy to hop in the car, ruffles in tow and go to your town.

You can always come visit us in Atlanta, we’re in kawaii heaven every weekend!

4. Con Money – Conferences are not cheap. But that’s where the Lolita teas and big meets take place. Make a list of all the cons you want to go to. Rank them by importance and start saving money weekly. Don’t have cash? Be creative and start finding things you can sell, make or do to earn extra cash. We should be doing this anyway because corporate jobs are fleeting and sometimes so fake you can’t even bear to be there. So look for alternative and additional sources of income to keep the kawaii in your life.
5. Conflicts – There’s always one, yeah? That one fellow kawaii-ite that gives you the stink eye when you come around. They give you a once over and maybe flick their hair and ignore your presence when you’re there. Stop going to those meet-ups where they are present. This goes back to #3. Make your own meetings and cultivate a community of like-minded kind people you care about. Go as far as to block them on your social media platforms if needed so that they can’t meddle in your life or give you grief. Create meet-ups and personally invite people that you know enjoy your company. If you’ve done all you can to make nice and a few people are giving you strife, walk away and create a new space to play!
Our top 5 is just that…a small list of ways you can overcome obstacles in Kawaii culture. We want to hear from you. Tell us how you have overcome an obstacle to achieving the kawaii life you need and deserve. We’ll send one of our entries a brand new RNG t-shirt as a symbol of unity and the ability to go forward despite it all. Own your kawaii, step over the stubborn stones that may fall in your way. Look for alternatives and make it work for you!

Turn your life into a cloud 99.9 moment of pure bliss!

#HappyRebellion can also mean overcoming! Be you, have fun!
-RNG entourage

Highlights from the Annual Atlanta Lolita High Tea

Our kawaii focused archivist is eager to let you know, the tea was good…in every sense of the word. Read on and sip slowly.

Highlights from the Annual Atlanta Lolita High Tea
This is one of the long awaited events of our fashion community. Eight years ago, Andrea Nicole Baker began hosting these high fashion, high teas at The Four Seasons and followed them up at locations around town including Cafe Intermezzo and now Roswell River Landing. They are quite the spectacle and draw lots of attention from onlookers as the attendees arrive and frolic in their Tokyo Japanese Street Fashion best.


The theme this year was modeled after a circus. But there was nothing funny about this fashion. It was a very serious desfile of frocks that rivaled looks of the catwalks and runways in Nippon proper. The High Tea began with a fashion show featuring Haenuli of Korea (a rising star and popular indie designer) plus designs from artist Mossbadger, both of which can be found on The work was exquisite and featured really gorgeous attire that each model displayed with great care and thought. Please enjoy the montage below.


Food, Glorious Foooood!
Following that beautiful fashion show was a three course tea that lasted well into the early part of the evening. At 4pm sharp the tea was served, first course were 2 scones (one savoury and one sweet). With a nod to our pals across the pond, scones are pronounced scohns vs. scoehns. There was also butter, an assortment of tea in packets vs. loose leaf or sachets…and cream. Cream is good. Missing was the clotted cream which is something that usually appears at this event. It was missed but the butter sufficed and we enjoyed the course. Something that we hadn’t seen since the tea that took place in Northeast Atlanta, the year between the last Four Season’s tea and the ones at Cafe Intermezzo, was a return to buffet style for the second course. On the table were chicken salad stuffed miniature-croissants, turkey and cheese rolled puffed pastries, mushroom (and spinach?) stuffed pastries plus the most adorable chicken pot pies with lattice work one has ever seen. There were also fresh blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, grapes and sweet pineapple on the spread. It was delicious and there was plenty more for those who wanted to back for seconds. I know our table did and the second helpings were as good as the first.

Dessert was also amazing! Miniature cakes, tiny eclaires, petite macarons francaises, pearled chocolate malt balls, salted caramel chocolatees, milk chocolates, lollipops, cherry pies and sugar cookies!



Prizes, Prizes! Step Right Up!
To top it off there was yet another great surprise, door prizes and raffles. As with the year before, there were about 20 prizes to be given away which meant nearly everyone in the room was able to take something nice home. It was almost awkward because there were so many prizes that it was rare if someone didn’t get one and made me think in hindsight I should have shared my win. Andrea, the host, has a book on how to host a tea party and she gave away two signed copies of her work from that series. There were also Hello Kitty themed items and really cool keepsakes. The prizes saved for last included discounts to wig shops attached to large decorated bags filled to the brim with really cool things including Sanrio cutlery, cookies, Pocky, phone cases, kawaii planners, eyelashes, night masks, stickers and even soft clay. It was pretty darn sweet and I was happy to have won the $25 prize pack in blue. Felt really good.


Unlike, years past we did our group picture early and indoors. The photographer took lots of single shots earlier in the day and then left just before the dessert portion of the event. We didn’t spend all night snuggled together chatting nor did we go outside and do fun shots by the river. This was a pretty straightforward event that stayed on course. We enjoyed it and then headed out to Lips Atlanta to spend time with our family of drag artists which has become tradition for us immediately following the tea.


So…What Did I Really Think?
I often do a separate post regarding the pros and cons of the event but I’ll keep it all in place here. I don’t have much more to say other than I had a really great time. Andrea did mention that we will have the tea a little later in the year going forward and she re-introduced the Southern Tea Party Club to which RNG already belongs. It’s certainly something to which to look forward as it’s a great event. We’re appreciative of Andrea’s work, that of her volunteers and how she goes against the odds to do this because no matter what anyone says, the economy is still pretty rough and the states are going through serious changes. It has touched our wallets and our emotions but this Japanese Street Fashion community pushes forward regardless and brings the tea.

Thanks for reading! See you at the tea table!
#HappyRebellion bliss!
-RNG Entourage

Gleefully Gifting with RainbowsNGold

In Atlanta, where we call home, we are big on gift giving and bringing treats to one another. For years, members of our entourage have participated in gift exchanges for a number of different holidays including Christmas and Valentine’s Day. We find this to be our way of bonding.


Gifts during tea parties can be as elegant as these from Surreal Sentiments

Lolita culture is also steeped in the intimacy of good friendships. It’s not uncommon to find Lolitas curled up with one another feeding each other candy or bonding over a piece of cake. Males and females and those of many different genders swirl into this huge woven basket of friendship and ultra care. It’s a magical scene.

RainbowsNGold promotes this type of healthy living and encourages you to take your friendships to the next level with gifts. They don’t have to be ultra elaborate, just make sure they are from the heart. You can twin-out with an RNG tshirt to start. Grab the slogan you feel your friend can relate to most and grab two, one for them, the other for you. Make a plan to dress it up and make a day to go out in your RNG swag. Take a photo! Share it with us. The couple or crew of more than two will win two shirts of your choice from our online store. We can’t wait to make a social buzz post about you and your friends!


-RNG Entourage

Colours of Christmas

Let’s just keep it real. It’s okay to wear black on Christmas. There’s no rule anywhere that says your coordinate has to match any colour combination of Santa Claus. The Black Coordinate is the mother of all winter coords in many ways. It can be everything and nearly every kei (put on enough bows and it will be sweet …okay maybe not but you can soften it). Today, Christmas is spent in many ways. There’s the morning gifts by the tree for some, there’s a big dinner with relatives you only see once or twice a year and for others it’s a quiet time in a coffee shop, by a warm flame at home with a loved one or maybe even a movie with friends followed by Chinese food. But for Lolitas…many of us take it to a whole other level. Christmas time is the another day to dress it up and we’re going for an EGL fest with black coordinate suggestions.

There’s this cool coordinate from an ETSY designer. It’s black, it has ace and chiffon and all this and it’s all that and more. For a cool 74.99+ shipping you can wear this with pride. We love it. But look at other shoppes as well. There’s a lot from which to pick.


Here’s where we found this…

We’re also hoping that you’ll feel inspired by the black Tea Party tee from us, RainbowsNGold. Imagine pairing this over a pink long sleeved shirt (or black) which allows the iconic symbols of things like our beloved macarons and tea pots to pop and stand out. You can add dandy shorts or a skirt with this and a few fashionable chains.

Then of course there’s the simple black dress from Elegy. Elegy is the queen of making a black dress look amazing. Be it the babydoll frame Batty OP or the latest from her treasure of dark gems, you’re going to find something that is elegant and perfect for the holiday.


Elegy has the most amazing items to build and or buy a coordinate. – and yes, we’ve mixed our swag with theirs and it looked great!

And you know, if you don’t celebrate Christmas that’s fine. Just put on your favourite black coord and go about your day. Come join us online and let us know how you spend your time this winter. Send us selfies of you in our beautiful black coordinate.

#HappyRebellion (for real)!

-RNG Entourage

Feeling the Energy of the Season

Festivals of light and joy are in abundance. At RainbowsNGold, our cultured circle continues to celebrate everything that we are. This month, several festivals take place. There’s Yalda, a Persian holiday where friends and family recongise ‘the longest night’ or Winter Solstice. Then there’s Hanukkah, the Jewish festival of lights recongising the miracles that took place at this time so many centuries ago. Following that is Christmas, Kwanza and the Gregorian New Year. So, as you slip into your RNG swag, ready to gather with friends you might ask, “Wait, so…can we celebrate all of them?” The answer is, of course you can!


Gotta have holiday cookies!!

When you fill your life with cultured friends it’s always a win-win. You get to go to all the parties and events. But even if you and your circle don’t celebrate any of these you can still take the time to learn. Part of the Cloud 99.9 experience is one of enlightenment. Educating yourself on what is going on around you and finding the good in it is one of the best ways to experience pure bliss. As you continue to collect coordinates this season and exchange RNG t-shirts as gifts, think about adding a little card or info to your presents. Tell one of your friends about a holiday that they may not know about. Have you ever attended one night of Hanukkah? Now is the time to do it. Slip into your Cloud 99.9 tshirt and head on over to the library or look up the public Hanuakkah celebrations in your town. Or maybe take a friend to see The Nutcracker! It’s a global holiday tradition. It’s also a bold step to be one with your community and those around you and a beautiful way to extend love and appreciation by joining in ceremonies and groups around you.


One of the world’s greatest holiday traditions is The Nutcracker Ballet

Like to sing? Then Yalda is for you. This evening is filled with poetry and thoughtful prose. Slide into your Tea Party shirt and find a community that celebrates the Winter Solstice in the Persian style. Learn about the history of the night and all of its significance. In most Persian communities, tea is a part of everyday life. So bring an extra tea party shirt and share the inclusive message of RNG with your new friends. Again, it’s a bold way to bring together communities. Be that one to start the bonds of friendship that can last as long as these decades old traditions.


Have you celebrated Yalda in the past? A night of poetry, tea and feasting with friends! See here the traditional Zoreskh. #FoodieFeasts

RNG is filled with cultural ambassadors. Be a part of this movement and share the message of peace and community. Send us your photos, articles and other finds online. Leave them on our Facebook page, Instagram or tag us on Twitter. We are ready to welcome you and your new friends with open arms into the international circle of love and light.
#HappyRebellion also means love
-RNG Entourage

Rising into the New Year the RNG Way

RainbowsNGold is a brand with deep roots in thoughts, culture and an eagerness for the good life. Everything on which the brand focuses is bright, bold and embracing. Its uniqueness is embraced by those who are looking far beyond the surface. There are roughly three weeks left in December. We’ll soon be turning over another page to a new year. That moment in time, the turning of the clock is very important and very sensitive to energy. RNG believes in surrounding oneself with the best energy at this time.

On this night, wear your favourite coordinates, an RNG Tee with your favourite skirt, glitterati style fashion and be surrounded with friends. Think about the fun themes we’ve celebrated this year and the concept of Cloud 99.9 being more than just your average cloud 9 experience. It takes you to another level altogether. We made a conscious effort to have fun all year long with visits to extraordinary places and spent time with some of the most incredible people. RNG supported pageants, dancers, designers, photographers and our fellow JFashionistas at tea parties and tons of other great events. We want more of this in 2017, don’t you?

Our community is made up of so many different walks of life. We’re students, parents, artists, entrepreneurs and so much more. Our common goal is the love of the kawaii life and continuing that admiration for all things cute well into mature adulthood. As a community we can find ways to promote and nurture the need for the sweeter side of reality. That’s our goal in the coming weeks. We want to find ways that really embrace and celebrate life as a festival of friendship and fun. As you approach the coming year, share your thoughts and desires for all things good with us. Take a picture, a selfie, a snapshot or share an article that features what you envision in kawaii life in 2017. What do you want to fill your life up with? What amazing moments and new memories do you want to share with friends. Fill up your thoughts with what you want. Share it with us and together let’s make that happen. Grab your RNG t-shirt, join in the movement to make your life as cute as you want it!


Speaking of memories, have you contributed to the Domo Time Capsule with NHK and Sebastian Masuda?