Highlights from the Annual Atlanta Lolita High Tea

Our kawaii focused archivist is eager to let you know, the tea was good…in every sense of the word. Read on and sip slowly.

Highlights from the Annual Atlanta Lolita High Tea
This is one of the long awaited events of our fashion community. Eight years ago, Andrea Nicole Baker began hosting these high fashion, high teas at The Four Seasons and followed them up at locations around town including Cafe Intermezzo and now Roswell River Landing. They are quite the spectacle and draw lots of attention from onlookers as the attendees arrive and frolic in their Tokyo Japanese Street Fashion best.


The theme this year was modeled after a circus. But there was nothing funny about this fashion. It was a very serious desfile of frocks that rivaled looks of the catwalks and runways in Nippon proper. The High Tea began with a fashion show featuring Haenuli of Korea (a rising star and popular indie designer) plus designs from artist Mossbadger, both of which can be found on StoreEnvy.com. The work was exquisite and featured really gorgeous attire that each model displayed with great care and thought. Please enjoy the montage below.


Food, Glorious Foooood!
Following that beautiful fashion show was a three course tea that lasted well into the early part of the evening. At 4pm sharp the tea was served, first course were 2 scones (one savoury and one sweet). With a nod to our pals across the pond, scones are pronounced scohns vs. scoehns. There was also butter, an assortment of tea in packets vs. loose leaf or sachets…and cream. Cream is good. Missing was the clotted cream which is something that usually appears at this event. It was missed but the butter sufficed and we enjoyed the course. Something that we hadn’t seen since the tea that took place in Northeast Atlanta, the year between the last Four Season’s tea and the ones at Cafe Intermezzo, was a return to buffet style for the second course. On the table were chicken salad stuffed miniature-croissants, turkey and cheese rolled puffed pastries, mushroom (and spinach?) stuffed pastries plus the most adorable chicken pot pies with lattice work one has ever seen. There were also fresh blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, grapes and sweet pineapple on the spread. It was delicious and there was plenty more for those who wanted to back for seconds. I know our table did and the second helpings were as good as the first.

Dessert was also amazing! Miniature cakes, tiny eclaires, petite macarons francaises, pearled chocolate malt balls, salted caramel chocolatees, milk chocolates, lollipops, cherry pies and sugar cookies!



Prizes, Prizes! Step Right Up!
To top it off there was yet another great surprise, door prizes and raffles. As with the year before, there were about 20 prizes to be given away which meant nearly everyone in the room was able to take something nice home. It was almost awkward because there were so many prizes that it was rare if someone didn’t get one and made me think in hindsight I should have shared my win. Andrea, the host, has a book on how to host a tea party and she gave away two signed copies of her work from that series. There were also Hello Kitty themed items and really cool keepsakes. The prizes saved for last included discounts to wig shops attached to large decorated bags filled to the brim with really cool things including Sanrio cutlery, cookies, Pocky, phone cases, kawaii planners, eyelashes, night masks, stickers and even soft clay. It was pretty darn sweet and I was happy to have won the $25 prize pack in blue. Felt really good.


Unlike, years past we did our group picture early and indoors. The photographer took lots of single shots earlier in the day and then left just before the dessert portion of the event. We didn’t spend all night snuggled together chatting nor did we go outside and do fun shots by the river. This was a pretty straightforward event that stayed on course. We enjoyed it and then headed out to Lips Atlanta to spend time with our family of drag artists which has become tradition for us immediately following the tea.


So…What Did I Really Think?
I often do a separate post regarding the pros and cons of the event but I’ll keep it all in place here. I don’t have much more to say other than I had a really great time. Andrea did mention that we will have the tea a little later in the year going forward and she re-introduced the Southern Tea Party Club to which RNG already belongs. It’s certainly something to which to look forward as it’s a great event. We’re appreciative of Andrea’s work, that of her volunteers and how she goes against the odds to do this because no matter what anyone says, the economy is still pretty rough and the states are going through serious changes. It has touched our wallets and our emotions but this Japanese Street Fashion community pushes forward regardless and brings the tea.

Thanks for reading! See you at the tea table!
#HappyRebellion bliss!
-RNG Entourage


It’s Better on the Kawaii Side #HappyRebellion

Kawaii fashion has a history of uplifting many people to what we call Cloud99.9. It is extreme bliss. Since 1978, designers in Tokyo have been putting together looks and fashion that gives people an escape and a better place to be. This was part of RainbowsNGold #RNG’s inspiration for #RNGStyle and #HappyRebellion. Brands like Angelic Pretty, Baby the Stars Shine Bright as well as indie designers and those on Taobao cater to these Cloud 9 experiences with outstanding coordinates to wear in these extra fantastic universes that Lolita and JFashionistas are often forced to create for themselves. These environments are nurturing and feed the enlightened spirit’s need for something better.


A Kawaii Mess ūüėČ #MessyBoots

While these places and spaces are not perfect, those that are well-attended and moderated give way to some pretty outstanding events and opportunities. From Tea Meet-ups to Conferences Kawaii-ites everywhere have options. For many years it was only Harajuku and iconic corners of Tokyo and all their shops where these feelings of Euphoria could manifest. Now, globally, these brands and stores have a cult following that has forced them to be not just inclusive but expansive in their reach by opening pop-up shoppes in cities like New York and Los Angeles. Even many parts of Paris and Prague’s JFashion scenes are as bright and as exciting as Akhihabara. But also take a look at Sugar Coated, a really¬†fantastic documentary showing the benefits of believing and participating in this fashion.

We encourage anyone that just needs to get away from any type of discomfort in their reality to embrace the Kawaii Side of Life. It is definitely one of the highest forms of escape that beats virtual reality…because it is reality. Finally, you can dance with your favourite bears, eat cake all day if you want and dress up in the loudest, most exciting clothes you’ve ever imagined. The kawaii world is yours and RainbowsNGold is happy to usher you into it. Be you man or woman, adult or child, the Kawaii Life is waiting for you. Come on in! Grab one of our tees and get started with a subscription to our blog and social media pages. We’re bringing you something and someone new everyday. We’re here for you!


Life is always right with Kim Chi around! #RNG member Josh knows!



Thank you Kim Chi for being an inspiration!



-RNG Entourage

A Wild Weekend to Remember ~ 4th of June


Photo by

Wow, what a weekend! We’re still speechless. It was International Lolita Day on Saturday. But RNG got started a bit early with fun on Friday night at Heretic. The beloved Kim Chi and her friends and supporters in the industry were there performing and we bought our tickets well in advance as not to miss a single moment of this bliss. Kim Chi did two sets and one included a choreography to this video. The fun, fashion and all out hedonistic pleasures were in abundance. Let the pictures tell the story and video speak for themselves.

Our Saturday was spent meeting up with friends and Sunday the party continued at Lips Atlanta with the Sunday Gospel Brunch. We spent time with the staff and enjoyed the delights of Bubba Dee Liscious and Justice Paige Counce. Supermodelesque cast members Evelyn Caldwell and Necole Luv Dupree were there in support as well. Loved it!!!


Lips is where you can get your life! Love this team!

We “partied on” afterwards at Burkharts catching a guest appearance of Nicole Paige Brooks with the Armorettes and the Tossed Salad team Hosted by Brigitte Bidet¬†alongside amazing icons in the #AtlantaEntertainment industry (i.e. Tyler Brooke Davis and A’nya). If you need to take a moment to kiss your screen we totally understand. Go ahead, we’ll wait. ūüėČ



Guess who we saw this weekend! This gorgeous member of the Royal family of Atlanta. #HouseOfBrooks material indeed!

This weekend definitely had some kind of amazing vibe that we were totally digging. It was delightfully different from our usual Sunday Funday and steeped in party…and that’s what we do. We’re here to have a damn good time and we’re having it! Won’t you join us? Find us in Atlanta, New York and Paris. Get a Rainbows N Gold tee, show up and show out!

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-RNG Entourage

Put Some Drag In Your Life!

To say we love Drag Queens would be a lie, we’re actually obsessed with them. We hang out with them, snap photos, spoon feed them cake (that’s always snapshot worthy) and coincidentally live nearby. Our life is filled with Drag Art and thankfully the ones we know are welcoming and loving about our admiration.


RainbowsNGold #RNG with Bob the Drag Queen at the Heretic, Atlanta GA 2016

Naturally upon finding out that Bob the Drag Queen was coming to town we rushed to be there with hugs and gifts in tow. In New York, our lovely sister Naomi T. was all about showing Bianca Del Rio what real a superfan looks like…upon hearing¬†Naomi’s¬†cries of admiration Bianca came over and returned the love. It was majestic to say the least.

Locally we’ve had the honour of adoring Evah Destruction, The House of Brooks, Phoenix of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 2, Tyler Brooke Davis, House of Dupree, Mychelle LaCroix and a number of ultra talented royalty of which we can rarely get enough. Atlanta is truly a city of spectacular drag artists and we respect them all and the establishments that bring them including organisations like Legendary Children and the Antoinette Marketing Group with their amazing pageants.


Put your mouse here and click to get some of this.

Coming Up Next in ATL: Kim Chi at the Heretic this week. It’s very exciting and we’re a little beside ourselves just hoping we can handle it all. Throughout the summer a number of artists will be coming through town at various venues to “twirl” and entertain. We’re grateful for RuPaul’s Drag Race shedding light on and giving a voice to this outstanding art. We’re thrilled that it is encouraging our fellow dedicated fans to schedule drag shows into their weekly routine.

Josh and Kim Chi

Our BFF Josh is all about supporting royalty. He has every Queen’s shirt. Here he is in Kim Chi’s… He’s so loyal!

Get your superfan gear, dress up and show up to support your favourite local artist in addition to those you adore on TV. Make it a holiday vacation. Sometimes ya gotta travel for a good show. And if you’re in Atlanta, we’ll see YOU on the front row!



RainbowsNGold #RNG at  Bob the Drag Queen Partying at The Heretic Atlanta GA 2016

Kawaii Queens are a Dream: #RnG on Location

bob Kisses

Bob was sweet enough to give Josh a kiss on the forehead! #FansLoveBob

Let it be known…#RnG gets around! We’re not ones to sit down and wait for things to happen. We create the party and provide the swag for a true entourage experience. In the middle of our galavants, behold the numerous kawaii queens we’ve encountered. That’s right, kawaii drag queens…always “royals” to us. When we think of Kawaii drag, names like Evah Destruction and Kim Chi come to mind. These are entertainers who really know how to put the cute in cool. Not only are their performances professional and polished, they are also the epitome of the Japanese Street Fashion inspired lifestyle with their amazing coordinates, accessories and of course…bows ūüôā

Evah Doll

Evah performing at Burkhart’s in Atlanta, Georgia – photo courtesy ‘Andye Superfan’

Of late, many royals have been off to DragCon, participating in pageants and living the life of a performer. It was awesome to watch it all unfold not only online but LIVE and in person. We attended the Miss Gay USofA pageant, Rosebud with Bob the Drag Queen both presented¬†by Legendary Children and have already got our VIP spots for Kim Chi’s arrival next month at The Heretic. Being a part of this nonstop action is what partying with #RnG is all about. We were there to share the love and to cheer on the stars. Dressed in our Kawaii best, we hugged up alongside these great entertainers for a night of laughs and photos for days. Wearing the clothes is one thing but taking it to the next level of love with the entertainers is the essence of our being, our true heart and soul. They make us infinitely happy.


bob and friends

Hanging out with Bob the Drag Queen

Aria1 (2)

Aria, queen of voices crowned at Miss Gay UsOfA! #LoveHer!

The parties are never limited to Atlanta. Our entourage is expanding and in Florida a dear friend of ours went to the Marco Marco fashion show. Here’s the video.

Another friend of ours spent time with some of the cool Prince fans to relish in the days of his good concerts, bookmarking memories of hanging out at his after party and of course taking a moment to meetup with fellow fans. Even the venue was supportive of this great musician. Their menu spoke volumes with his symbol front and center.

Prince on the menu

Prince tributes on the menu – now that’s class! Location: Drink KVegas

We had a busy month loving and supporting stars and partying hard decked out in our #RnG swag and kawaii coordinates. We’re already hyper and happy about the upcoming kawaii adventures with the cutest queens. We’re meeting with make-up artists, stylists and other inspirational icons in the entertainment industry to hear their views, peek at their event calendars and continue this party train with kawaii themes in tow. Join us! Happy Rebellion is in session!

Bob and pals

Josh C of #RnG and friends with Bob the DragQueen


-#RnG Entourage

Jasmine Masters All For Youth Tour


From Jasmine Masters FB

One of our RNG members is excited about the upcoming Youth Tour. “Where was this when I was growing up?” My face was plastered to the window of my parents’ car as we drove past one of the famous night clubs in town. This particular club was around the corner from our apartment and was said to be one of the most infamous on the east coast where shows left fans breathless. Far too young to do more than watch Boy George and the Culture Club on television in their gorgeous clothes and energising lyrics. So, I got really sad as this colourful club became a distant vision in the rear window¬†week after week. I’d go home and just imagine what it was like on the inside.

I always knew from a young age that I liked Drag Art. There were several young men who dressed up at night and walked around our little stretch of the downtown neighbourhood. We were an immigrant family and everyone knew each other where each lived. The trans community was alive and well on the next block as were those who performed¬†in drag nights. It was very “usual” to see them dressed up as early 5 o’clock in the afternoon headed over to the hangout for a drink. Fortunate to grow up in several medium sized cities that were considered large to some, we got a great deal of artists and big names that were always in town. But I was never able to get inside the venue to see them perform. Musicians, comedians, singers, dancers, you name it…they came through literally and figuratively. But being under 18…and I’m talking six, seven years of age…if my parents weren’t going then neither was I. My parents loved to look at the club life from a distance. They rarely stepped into it unless someone big was in town. Needless to say, now that I am well over 21 I’m making up for lost time. I’m always there and was happy to have met Jasmine Masters at one of ¬†my favourite places on the planet, Lips Atlanta.

Kids like me who want to be with their favourite drag artists and just can’t do it due to being underage are in abundance.¬†I’ll never forget begging to be dropped off at the drag bar at age sixteen so I could hang around¬†outside or at the cafe next door with the other underage kids, all of us eager for one of entertainers to come in and get some soda or sugar sweets. Hang around their haunts was all a kid could do unless you had a fake ID. I remember going home with lipstick smeared on my face from hugging and kissing icons who were around. I loved these stars and entertainers. If only there had been the Youth Tour back then I’d have probably gone to every show.

Jasmine Masters is saving the day with “All for Youth” tour. This will take place in multiple cities featuring top names from around the country (many and most being RuPaul Drag Race stars). She talks more about it here:

The way it works is there will be two shows. There’s a morning show and a nightclub show. It seems that the kids will get to attend¬†the morning show which is all ages. Much like we did back in the day, kids will line up on the weekends just waiting to see these stars only this time they’ll get to get in! Kids are begging their parents to pleeeeeassse take them to the night clubs to see the entertainers. Thankfully there are many¬†parents who are open to this idea and are inclusive. They support their child’s¬†love for the art.

If you want to host or share community centers information with the stars you can do that by contacting Jasmine Masters, the main producer of the event: jasminemasterstour@gmail.com or @JasMasters76

Enjoy the tour! Follow Jasmine and #DragItOut!

-Team RNG

Keeping the Curves in Couture

It is said that nearly¬†two-thirds¬†of women in the United States are considered plus size. So why are we still being bombarded with expectations of hiding the curves as if there’s something wrong with having a full set of hips? Probably because we’ve been engineered to believe that curves equates unhealthy. That is far from truth, a real ugly misnomer that has ruined the lives and mental states of women for far too long. Icons like Marilyn Monroe had curves and by today’s standards would be plus size though we never really see her that way. We at RNG have real issues with those terms and classifications. Isn’t there a better way? If the majority of women in the USA are considered plus size, should American retailers relabel plus size “regular?”

Thankfully there are plenty of fashion writers and designers out there who are praising and making couture and fashion that flatters all women. We’ve touched on brands like Torrid who make some pretty cute and all out Kawaii styles available to many. Another leader in elevating women for whom they are vs. what a standard says they should be is Susan Moses. She is the author of The Art of Dressing Curves. The book goes beyond dresses, skirts and blouses. It dives¬†deep into foundations, hair and make-up tips. This is so welcomed and a relief.

Susan Moses

Follow Susan Moses on Twitter for updates and cool things on couture for curves

Ever been to a fashion expo and felt completely left out because they just do not have your size or aren’t even featuring a diverse range of models? How about checking out The Style Symposium next week in North Carolina.¬†This event promises to empower attendees, engage them with activities and offer customized style advice from top leaders in the curvy community.¬†Finally, something inclusive! Yay!


On the entertainment front, it’s difficult to find anyone that highlights plus size women in a non-comical way. Thankfuly, Phat Tuesdays at The Jungle hosted by Shavonna Bisforbarbie Brooks features a variety of female impersonators who welcome their bodies and flaunt their curves¬†in Haute Couture with finesse. Their first show was this past Tuesday and featured several of Atlanta’s top talent in the art of Drag including Katy Cakes who does an incredible Anna Nicole Smith presentation weekly at Lips Atlanta. Drag in Atlanta is rarely comical. It’s not even¬†campy, it’s a GLAM FEST!¬†The ladies actually pay true respect to¬†women. They represent a variety of ethnic groups and body types. They can sashay in the sweetest of couture and fashion. Few cities compare in our opinion to the drag of ATL. Congrats to the Phat Tuesday show for showing the city that size has very little to do with how well you can werk it. These icons were phenomenal!


Katy Cakes performs in an elegant coat, stellar hair and jewelry. #StyledPerfectly

RNG’s entourage is comprised of diverse genders and ethnic groups.¬†We appreciate each other’s contributions and cultural differences, always learning and finding ways to embrace the positive of every side. In our love for fashion we know the angst of finding the right size because some of us are petit/e super slim and others tall and full figured. Given that the world is diverse, it’s time to embrace brands that serve an entire community with¬†¬†but respect. Support your cultured brands and those that praise beauty in every form. When we don’t we tend to become a part of the problem.



Sashay Your Way into 2016


The Fun part of the Future is Now!

Can’t stop thinking about Fashion? Neither can we. Let’s sashay into 2016 in a big bold and beautiful way. The saying, “Image is everything” has its place in the world and should be used in a diverse and inclusive way. There is no one route to do things and RNG is all about uplifting and chandeliering those by whom we are influenced.

Drag Dolls
The unique and beautifully intricate faces of the world’s top drag artists and royals are definitely a part of our aesthetic. Bright, bold and beautiful, these darlings dare to break stereotype these days. The bar on the state of their art has been raised and we’ve learned so much on how to elevate the soul through their fashion and physical design. You can change yourself to be what you want to see. This is key…be what you want to see. Let James Hicks lead the way.


Drag Dolls, Dames and Divas – Buy your copy here!

The Land of the Lolita and Uplifting Tokyo
Having nothing to do with Nabokov’s book, Lolita life embraces the opportunity to create a physical piece of perfection through the matching of clothing in a strategic way. Sure, the brands have it, they keep pace. But this kawaii world allows you to really go deep and find what suits you. Try the many different styles including shironuri, gyaru, sweet, classic and kawaii mixes that rely on accessories and a good attitude.

Jump into Genderless
For those of us who do not identify with the genders presented to us at birth, the world is changing and embracing you. Androgenous, unisex and genderneutral fashion is part of the mainstream. While we still have to search for it carefully the shoppes are there waiting with open arms on the world wide web. Though this is not an underground movement, most that value fashion for those who refuse to be boxed, contorted and fixed into one of two sexes can find their fashion haven in numerous online stores. Don’t feel obliged to pick just unisex clothing, if you feel led to lean masculine despite your female stamp at birth, explore that with men’s shoppes. Statutes in your life hindering you from doing this? Re-examine it. It’s time to honour how you feel and listen to yourself and your Higher Power where (and if) it applies.

Check out these great looks in paisley black and white featuring H&M clothing uploaded by Zeus Pro.

Long formed standards that have pushed us into accepting limited ways of living are losing their strength. Ride the wave into a new thought process that is inclusive…be it loving your favourite luxurious Lolita fashion, doting on the drag dolls or stroling through life without male and female labels. It’s your turn to live without limitations.


Diverse Aesthetics: Beautiful Boys

Beauty can be excruciatingly gorgeous. So much so that it’s hard to talk about it. That sentiment sent us spiraling into the world of men in art, especially the art of drag.


Comic relief in a pretty package Bob the Drag Queen of NY. Check out this Royal’s ¬†documentary!

In the west, we are subjected to limited standards for what is considered pretty. Though our world is vast and there are numerous (almost limitless) ideas and standards for attractiveness depending on where one is on the planet, we still find in societies influenced by western art and media, standards that have very little to do with the majority of global citizens. Of late, the idea of holding on to just those few ideas has thankfully been deemed ridiculous and is being fought by a revolution of diversity.


This is a perfect example of what we’re talking about here… This is Bianca del Rio out of persona. She’s already a doll but even out of “character” is a beauty to behold… *Follow @TheBiancaDelRio on Instagram for over a years worth of truly beautiful pictures and fan conversations filled with support and love.

One dynamic in this global change is the idea of gender fluidity and allowing¬†oneself to “just be” vs. “to classify” or be labelled. The Art of Drag has always been an outstanding example of declassification on many levels. Moving from one gender to another as an art form is beautiful. We found the following drag queens (or Royals as we like to refer to them) absolutely stunning in and out of drag. According to several fans in the RNG entourage, Bianca Del Rio is the epitome of a ravishing royal. Lady Del Rio was more than just a winner on RPDR. She was EVERYTHING…but boy did we fall for her hard when she gave fans¬†a glimpse of her personal life through Instagram and other publications. If you haven’t seen the bombardment of the “beautiful beau” Roy Haylock -her other persona or other self- then you haven’t lived. This is beauty, this is gorgeous… that face, those eyes…the sentiment and simple moment of a snapshot sans makeup, just Mr. Haylock in all his handsome glory is as exhilarating as Bianca Del Rio’s “show.” We don’t know what we love more. Sensual and sensational only partially sums up the photos. Go ahead, log on and look behind the scenes of Lady Bianca Del Rio. We are so digging it…

Smooch your screen…we totally understand. Look how ABSOLUTELY STUNNING THIS BEAUTIFUL HUMAN IS…LOOK AT HIM!


*Photos from @TheBiancaDelRio on Instagram –

Bianca please don’t get upset…we couldn’t help ourselves. ¬†You are too beautiful for words…

Other beautiful¬†men¬†who can slide in and out of a female form flawlessly are Bob the Drag Queen, Nicole Paige Brooks, Katy Cakes, PhiPhi O’Hara…the list goes on. These young men are not only gorgeous women but absolutely beautiful sans performance. RNG is all about uplifting and drawing attention to this very thing…they are a major part of the¬†diverse aesthetic.

bob.jpg                                                    Bob The Drag Queen

Beauty is thankfully no longer limited to one sex. Men are allowed to lie still and be admired in their many forms. The male body has become art and something to be appreciated¬†in every respectable aspect. There is no taboo in the idea of a man being beautiful. He is no longer tied to “handsome.” Many men today are (and are allowed to be) so much more than that. It’s overwhelming at times, just like gazing upon the royals in their quote “natural state.” Again, it’s just absolutely overwhelming…a true era of euphoria for fans indeed. We certainly find ourselves in a swoonfest over these fantastic artists. Whether they drag it out or just lay there like Bianca in her bare and beautiful form. To soak up the sunlight in their face is a pure cloud nine experience. We know many feel the same way.

-RNG Entourage

Love Letters to Lips Atlanta

“Dear Lips, you define fabulous…the world stops at your door to understand the true meaning…” -Squee

“Quite a few times I’ve gone to Lips with the Rainbows-N-Gold entourage and in every one of the performances, the royalty were¬†wearing exquisite fashion, bold colours and statement pieces¬†that¬†inspired me to design when I got home. Squee, RNG’s messenger, was born from one of these inspiring nights. Squee or Squeal is a sound or adjective I use when a performance or someone rocks my soul.¬†My creative process would go like this; I grab my pencil, notebook paper and sketch with my inspiration/muse in mind. I show my team my first draft. I take into consideration their creative input. I make changes and then we as a team finalize the draft and send the sketch to the Artist. The Artist then brings #RNG ideas to life. Without attending rainbow events and other related shows¬†my creative well would be empty. Lips has given me a wealth of inspiration and I love them for it.” -Cairo C.

We could list out everything we love about music, fashion and friendship mixed with elegance and grace; that would sum up a large percentage of Lips Atlanta. Legends, love and luxury might be the next line of luscious adjectives. But sexy, surreal, sensational and sumptuous in the sense one is slipping into a someone’s adoring arms is the essence and feeling of Lips Atlanta for many fans. This place is serving lavish realness to the nth degree.


Marvelous Monica Van Pelt is a lovely Lips Atlanta team member xo

We arrived last week for Bitchy Bingo, forgetting how incredible this humble board game can turn into a night of a thousands joys when this establishment gets a hold of it. Hosted by the legendary Mother Bubba and Atlanta’s award winning Monica Van Pelt, Wednesday nights¬†become¬†a huge party filled with some of Atlanta’s top drag entertainers. ¬†But let’s be real here, these ladies are not just entertaining….drag shouldn’t even be in the title. These are artists, incredible illusionists to some but they are oh too real for us, serving the real deal, a beautiful woman in all her unique glory. There are lots of personalities and personas on this team.¬†We had so much fun with them it was difficult to leave. It’s hard not to want to be there for every single¬†¬†night on their entertainment schedule.

Fun is a petty word at Lips, the experience is overwhelming really…it’s almost too much. ‘Drunk in Love’ ain’t got nothin’ on these folks because they leave you soaked in admiration, completely intoxicated by their presence. From sexy Savannah Leigh, the bold Mr. Charlie Brown (Lady Charlie to her secret society of fans of who have a crush on her), to the Paris Experience perfected by Nichelle Paris along with Necole Love Dupree, Katy Cakes, Mychelle La Croix Dupree and the ultimate doll Evah Destruction…and that’s just naming a few. You get a whole lot of love in this delightful dollhouse and no one is¬†tiring of it. They continue to sell out shows, it is crucial that one RSVPs in advance.


Shavonna Bisforbarbie Brooks is beyond beautiful and quite a lovely lady at Lips Atlanta

Don’t get us started on management as they are totally majestic,¬†darling dolls to infinity that we could hug for days without ceasing. Then there’s the venue, the place itself is just…immaculate. You might be able to eat off the floor. Lips looks like a jewelry box with kawaii cute¬†nooks and crannies plus an elevated stage where performers will knock your socks off. And speaking of things worn…the fashion on these delightful divas is divine. Sleek glammed out dresses, Sunday sets that rival that of many services and cute kawaii ensembles on Evah complete a closet of the coolest fashion around. They have it all!

Want to know how to show your love for Lips’ royalty? How about some tips? Did you know they do not add gratuity to the check? It’s up to you to decide. We suggest 20% hands down. You’ll see why when you get there. Another awesome way to love on these ladies is to tip them during their stage performances. All of that lipstick, lip sync and in some cases (i.e. the Regal Royal Aria B. Cassadine) live performance isn’t cheap. Just like other ladies, these performers go to make-up galleries, get custom designed gowns and glorious wardrobes to make you, the fans, happy. Share in the love with more than loose change…drop a $5 or $10 ($2 is appreciated but when you see them you might dump your whole wallet on these¬†women, consider yourself warned as self control will flee you).

Nichelle Paris

Nichelle Paris is so perfect in performance and in person – another amazing Lips Atlanta team star

Another thing to note about their show¬†is this isn’t a game for them.¬†It’s completely real…so real. Lips Atlanta is not a campy cabaret¬†with jokes about female parts littered throughout the evening. It’s an elegant glam fest with hard working people (inclusive of bartenders, house staff behind the curtain and beyond) who take the art of entertaining very seriously. Years of going to drag shows and being involved in the entertainment industry¬† have allowed us to know the difference between a little ol’ party and an over-the-top dinner extravaganza¬†equal to A-list events. Lips Atlanta takes it to that level and beyond not to mention perfecting the art of being feminine to heights¬†unknown. It’s truly impressive to the point one of our dear friends has¬†all but proposed to various staff on occasion. It’s hard not to want them¬†with¬†you¬†all of the time.


The award winning Evah Destruction – is a Wednesday night world of wonderful at Lips Atlanta

Our favourite thing to do is just lounge there…literally. Go early and stay late, bring a date…and wait..to see the look on your friends’ faces when these royals hit the stage. It’s nothing shy of a slice of Utopia. Be ready to throw some love around and lick it up… Ahhhh, loving Lips Atlanta…it’s the experience you want to keep on experiencing…over and over again. xoxo

Keep it Kawaii
-Team #RNG

*Photos from fan pages, Lips’ team social profiles and our own personal fan club stash ūüėČ #TeamNoShame