Highlights from the Annual Atlanta Lolita High Tea

Our kawaii focused archivist is eager to let you know, the tea was good…in every sense of the word. Read on and sip slowly.

Highlights from the Annual Atlanta Lolita High Tea
This is one of the long awaited events of our fashion community. Eight years ago, Andrea Nicole Baker began hosting these high fashion, high teas at The Four Seasons and followed them up at locations around town including Cafe Intermezzo and now Roswell River Landing. They are quite the spectacle and draw lots of attention from onlookers as the attendees arrive and frolic in their Tokyo Japanese Street Fashion best.


The theme this year was modeled after a circus. But there was nothing funny about this fashion. It was a very serious desfile of frocks that rivaled looks of the catwalks and runways in Nippon proper. The High Tea began with a fashion show featuring Haenuli of Korea (a rising star and popular indie designer) plus designs from artist Mossbadger, both of which can be found on StoreEnvy.com. The work was exquisite and featured really gorgeous attire that each model displayed with great care and thought. Please enjoy the montage below.


Food, Glorious Foooood!
Following that beautiful fashion show was a three course tea that lasted well into the early part of the evening. At 4pm sharp the tea was served, first course were 2 scones (one savoury and one sweet). With a nod to our pals across the pond, scones are pronounced scohns vs. scoehns. There was also butter, an assortment of tea in packets vs. loose leaf or sachets…and cream. Cream is good. Missing was the clotted cream which is something that usually appears at this event. It was missed but the butter sufficed and we enjoyed the course. Something that we hadn’t seen since the tea that took place in Northeast Atlanta, the year between the last Four Season’s tea and the ones at Cafe Intermezzo, was a return to buffet style for the second course. On the table were chicken salad stuffed miniature-croissants, turkey and cheese rolled puffed pastries, mushroom (and spinach?) stuffed pastries plus the most adorable chicken pot pies with lattice work one has ever seen. There were also fresh blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, grapes and sweet pineapple on the spread. It was delicious and there was plenty more for those who wanted to back for seconds. I know our table did and the second helpings were as good as the first.

Dessert was also amazing! Miniature cakes, tiny eclaires, petite macarons francaises, pearled chocolate malt balls, salted caramel chocolatees, milk chocolates, lollipops, cherry pies and sugar cookies!



Prizes, Prizes! Step Right Up!
To top it off there was yet another great surprise, door prizes and raffles. As with the year before, there were about 20 prizes to be given away which meant nearly everyone in the room was able to take something nice home. It was almost awkward because there were so many prizes that it was rare if someone didn’t get one and made me think in hindsight I should have shared my win. Andrea, the host, has a book on how to host a tea party and she gave away two signed copies of her work from that series. There were also Hello Kitty themed items and really cool keepsakes. The prizes saved for last included discounts to wig shops attached to large decorated bags filled to the brim with really cool things including Sanrio cutlery, cookies, Pocky, phone cases, kawaii planners, eyelashes, night masks, stickers and even soft clay. It was pretty darn sweet and I was happy to have won the $25 prize pack in blue. Felt really good.


Unlike, years past we did our group picture early and indoors. The photographer took lots of single shots earlier in the day and then left just before the dessert portion of the event. We didn’t spend all night snuggled together chatting nor did we go outside and do fun shots by the river. This was a pretty straightforward event that stayed on course. We enjoyed it and then headed out to Lips Atlanta to spend time with our family of drag artists which has become tradition for us immediately following the tea.


So…What Did I Really Think?
I often do a separate post regarding the pros and cons of the event but I’ll keep it all in place here. I don’t have much more to say other than I had a really great time. Andrea did mention that we will have the tea a little later in the year going forward and she re-introduced the Southern Tea Party Club to which RNG already belongs. It’s certainly something to which to look forward as it’s a great event. We’re appreciative of Andrea’s work, that of her volunteers and how she goes against the odds to do this because no matter what anyone says, the economy is still pretty rough and the states are going through serious changes. It has touched our wallets and our emotions but this Japanese Street Fashion community pushes forward regardless and brings the tea.

Thanks for reading! See you at the tea table!
#HappyRebellion bliss!
-RNG Entourage


Tea Time in the USA

It’s time time friends! Time to get ready to go out in style. Stroll the boulevards and be kawaii. Fluff up the petticoats and sport the latest as an indie brand ambassador. 2017 is the year of the tea party! We’re all ready to roll in Tokyo gold.

In Atlanta, tea parties are all the rage. With the Southern Tea Society, you can find yourself having tea every weekend. One of RainbowsNGold favourite spots is Tipple and Rose in the Virginia Highlands neighbourhood. It’s a beautiful spot to grab a pot or two and the tea sandwiches are more than delightful. The owners are experts in their tea craft.


Another great place for tea is Cafe Intermezzo where we have had our annual January tea in the past. It’s got a great menu and some of the best tea and cheesecake on the planet.

As for clothing, we really go all out and dress to the 9s! From our favourite indie brands, new cords from FanPlusFriend to the Lolita brand favs, we are tea’d out in every sense of the word. Speaking of tea and tees, we’re giving away one tea party tee to the best tea party pic we receive. Post to our social pages a photo of you and your favourite tea moment and we’ll have our tea party pals pick the one that inspires them to have a cuppa. Be sure to write a brief 3-5 sentences about the joy of tea. We’ll also feature you in our blog and other cultured hot spots online.

Stay steeped in kawaii goodness!
-RNG Entourage

Fashion Festivals For Fun

Currently in Tokyo, the winter festivals are underway. The snow festivals of winter are some of the most glorious of all. RainbowsNGold always encourages a good helping of NHK World programming and this is the season to watch as the network sends guides and  visitors to the area to cover the amazing sites. But what about creating these same spectacular emotions in your own lives?


Music.jp Secret Places

A festival of fashion is what we’re thinking of this month. Create events and fun outings for a few weekends straight. Make an invitation via online tools, decorate and assign a theme. Be sure to add visits to some of your favourite places that correspond to the theme of the fashion festival. That might be your local mall or a shopping centre. As always, a foodie hangout is crucial cause you’ll want to take pictures of the delicious fare.




For us, it’s about dressing up, having warm soups and good meals together. We make a list of the places we love the most and head out dressed in our RNG best. We are quite the spectacle and we have a blast. We encourage you to do the same. It’s very easy to get caught up in the darkness of the season, but you can turn it into the light. Share with us the ways in which you are doing your very best to make the days brighter through fashion, food and fun.

#HappyRebellion is filled with food and good friends!

-RNG Entourage

New Year, New Foods, Fashion & Fun

As we tuck away these last few days of 2016, and happily so given the number of amazing icons we lost this year, it’s a great time to go ahead and start getting ready for something new. Never have we ever been so eager to get into the groove of a new year than now. We’re throwing ourselves into the joy that 2017 is trusted to bring with determination to do it well and in kawaii style.


Our foodie friends all over the globe are taking on a new approach to healthy eating. We’re talking fun ways to dress up veggies and be healthier. From the coolest Bentos to the bounciest of veggie noodles and zoodles mixed with luscious sauces and creamy coverings that leave you warm and well fed. We’ll be snuggling up to our friends in Tokyo as they cover the food filled streets of Tokyo festivals for a feast lovers dream. It’s gonna be tasty and we’re gonna eat it!


RNG is currently seeking an artist that is eager to contribute to our fascinating minds and imagination. We’ve got tons of ideas to share and we want an artist that can help bring that to life. Is that you? Tell us about yourself. Email us on rainbowsngold.com. We’ll be in touch to discuss our new year with you!

We’re excited to be in the fashion scene of 2017! Join us in celebrating the good life. Find the tee that suits you best from our cute collection on rainbowsngold.com. Our fellow friends and talented icons wear it well and we love and appreciate them for being such amazing people.

The fun has just begun. We’re getting started right now as there is no time like the present to be in perfect harmony with fellow Kawaii minds. The upcoming Atlanta Lolita Tea takes place on the 22nd of January. We’re ringing in the new year with bells and teacups on! Join us in Atlanta! (Insert link), it’s gonna be a truly Kawaii good time an we want to see you there!

Stay cute, stay kawaii and as always let your life be filled with Happy Rebellion!
-Team RNG

Feeling the Energy of the Season

Festivals of light and joy are in abundance. At RainbowsNGold, our cultured circle continues to celebrate everything that we are. This month, several festivals take place. There’s Yalda, a Persian holiday where friends and family recongise ‘the longest night’ or Winter Solstice. Then there’s Hanukkah, the Jewish festival of lights recongising the miracles that took place at this time so many centuries ago. Following that is Christmas, Kwanza and the Gregorian New Year. So, as you slip into your RNG swag, ready to gather with friends you might ask, “Wait, so…can we celebrate all of them?” The answer is, of course you can!


Gotta have holiday cookies!!

When you fill your life with cultured friends it’s always a win-win. You get to go to all the parties and events. But even if you and your circle don’t celebrate any of these you can still take the time to learn. Part of the Cloud 99.9 experience is one of enlightenment. Educating yourself on what is going on around you and finding the good in it is one of the best ways to experience pure bliss. As you continue to collect coordinates this season and exchange RNG t-shirts as gifts, think about adding a little card or info to your presents. Tell one of your friends about a holiday that they may not know about. Have you ever attended one night of Hanukkah? Now is the time to do it. Slip into your Cloud 99.9 tshirt and head on over to the library or look up the public Hanuakkah celebrations in your town. Or maybe take a friend to see The Nutcracker! It’s a global holiday tradition. It’s also a bold step to be one with your community and those around you and a beautiful way to extend love and appreciation by joining in ceremonies and groups around you.


One of the world’s greatest holiday traditions is The Nutcracker Ballet

Like to sing? Then Yalda is for you. This evening is filled with poetry and thoughtful prose. Slide into your Tea Party shirt and find a community that celebrates the Winter Solstice in the Persian style. Learn about the history of the night and all of its significance. In most Persian communities, tea is a part of everyday life. So bring an extra tea party shirt and share the inclusive message of RNG with your new friends. Again, it’s a bold way to bring together communities. Be that one to start the bonds of friendship that can last as long as these decades old traditions.


Have you celebrated Yalda in the past? A night of poetry, tea and feasting with friends! See here the traditional Zoreskh. #FoodieFeasts

RNG is filled with cultural ambassadors. Be a part of this movement and share the message of peace and community. Send us your photos, articles and other finds online. Leave them on our Facebook page, Instagram or tag us on Twitter. We are ready to welcome you and your new friends with open arms into the international circle of love and light.
#HappyRebellion also means love
-RNG Entourage

Rising into the New Year the RNG Way

RainbowsNGold is a brand with deep roots in thoughts, culture and an eagerness for the good life. Everything on which the brand focuses is bright, bold and embracing. Its uniqueness is embraced by those who are looking far beyond the surface. There are roughly three weeks left in December. We’ll soon be turning over another page to a new year. That moment in time, the turning of the clock is very important and very sensitive to energy. RNG believes in surrounding oneself with the best energy at this time.

On this night, wear your favourite coordinates, an RNG Tee with your favourite skirt, glitterati style fashion and be surrounded with friends. Think about the fun themes we’ve celebrated this year and the concept of Cloud 99.9 being more than just your average cloud 9 experience. It takes you to another level altogether. We made a conscious effort to have fun all year long with visits to extraordinary places and spent time with some of the most incredible people. RNG supported pageants, dancers, designers, photographers and our fellow JFashionistas at tea parties and tons of other great events. We want more of this in 2017, don’t you?

Our community is made up of so many different walks of life. We’re students, parents, artists, entrepreneurs and so much more. Our common goal is the love of the kawaii life and continuing that admiration for all things cute well into mature adulthood. As a community we can find ways to promote and nurture the need for the sweeter side of reality. That’s our goal in the coming weeks. We want to find ways that really embrace and celebrate life as a festival of friendship and fun. As you approach the coming year, share your thoughts and desires for all things good with us. Take a picture, a selfie, a snapshot or share an article that features what you envision in kawaii life in 2017. What do you want to fill your life up with? What amazing moments and new memories do you want to share with friends. Fill up your thoughts with what you want. Share it with us and together let’s make that happen. Grab your RNG t-shirt, join in the movement to make your life as cute as you want it!


Speaking of memories, have you contributed to the Domo Time Capsule with NHK and Sebastian Masuda?

The Cloud 9 Challenge – Kawaii Serenity

This weekend was certainly one of enlightenment for one of our entourage members. Many of our fans are fully immersed in Asian culture an languages. We’re clearly enamored with the wonderful and vast culture of Japan. But far past the busy streets of Tokyo are prefectures and villages where the serene life and traditional ways are in place. This, for a fellow RNGer who spent three hours speaking with a Japanese film producer who swept us into an exciting time away from city life, was a reminder that you can take the kawaii life anywhere. Imagine a blissful moment in the serenity the outskirts amidst the seasons of Japan. In our minds we’re decked out in a Cloud 9 tee, having real sushi, practicing our kanji and having an amazing time.


Saw this on Pinterest. Hoping to connect with the artist for more info.

We preach party but the serenity of Cloud 9 comes from being able to wallow in the wilderness of peace. This holiday season is brewing with the hustle and bustle of gift shopping…so much so, statistics are showing many people aimed to avoid it and shopped online. And here we are in our rainbowed bliss with tshirts that can be purchased in a split second without scrambling or fighting for the last one…though our Tea Party tee is about to flee. Get yours now because we’re running out. And with that we encourage you to take the Cloud 9 challenge. Find your place of peace.

Send us a selfie of you and your friends, decked out in your kawaii best but in a blissful rest. Sprawl out in your quiet place at home. Grab your dolls, a cup of tea and just be. We want to hear how you find peace in the season. Let Cloud 9 be your inspiration and bring us with you into the bliss of serenity.


Ahhh, this was bliss…the serenity of the woods, great tea and amazing friends

#HappyRebellion indeed…
-RNG Entourage

The Power of Friendship

Kawaii culture is very much centered around building up a wardrobe as much as it is having friends with which to share it. It’s essential to attend conferences and meetups to get to know others who share your passion for this fashion. Fewer times have been so important as now to build lasting bonds and friendships with your fashion community. We’re moving toward 2017 and we want to go in with strength in numbers, heart and soul. That’s what RainbowsNGold has been doing since day one.

We want to lead you to the RNG FB page which gives you tons of ideas on how to mix and mingle with people. In our Kawaii Bites we’re always sharing the latest kawaii fun and places to go or people of which to see. It’s amazing to think a whole group of potential friends is right at your fingertips. Through some of our posts we’ve been able to reach out and bond with featured guests on Kawaii International and also find new brands in our fashion comm to explore and share. This is all a part of the global goal of true friendship.

It’s time to reach out. Our challenge to you this week is seek out a community within Kawaii fashion that you’ve never been to before and virtually shake hands. Find out what’s new in their world and maybe plan for a visit. Slip on that RNG tshirt and reach out on a mission of everlasting friendship. And while clad in all things rad, we’ll keep you updated on our adventures as well.

-RNG Entourage

Give me some hair! Trends in Harajuku Hair Fashion

As the song says, “give me some hair…long beautiful hair! Give me down to there hair, shoulder length or longer…” HAIR! What’s a coordinate without a swank and kawaii hairstyle? Be it a wig or natural do, hair is essential for you and your complete look.

In Harajuku, salons like Candy and Candye salon are extremely popular and adding colours and rainbows of all sorts is key. We’re sharing these great videos by YouTubers you’ll want to subscribe to and follow. There’s some really great stuff you can do no matter what your length may be. This cool video is an awesome reference on colouring hair. Check it out and subscribe.


One of the most popular styles. Help us find this model!

If styling your own hair is just not in your schedule you can do wigs. Buying them and caring for them is part of life for many JFashionistas. There are tons of shoppes from which to buy the wig of your dreams. You can also buy hair pieces to add volume to your hair. In this fashion, bold and big is quite the trend and has been for the past few years. For casual Lolita, a well-coiffed do suffices.

Need help wigs? Great tutorial and info here! Totally disagree that the fashion is almost over, people have been saying that for a decade (next blog topic) and it’s still strong…if not stronger than ever. Take a look at her wigs, leave a comment, enjoy it. Good stuff here!

The great thing about Kawaii life is ultimate creativity so we want to see what styles you find fun and functionable. Post photos of your cool hair styles or ones you really like to our FB page. You can also tag us on Instagram or send us a tweet. We can’t wait to get into your hair!


#RNG and #EOB6 – a perfect partnership

This past weekend Rainbows N Gold had a very successful feature in a fashion show at Essence of Bellydance. What’s a brand like ours doing at a bellydance conferences? That’s a no brainer for our hardcore followers who know that we are big on raqs sharqi and cultural dances. In the west, raqs sharqi is often called bellydance. The origins are Middle Eastern and African and refer to many dances done with hips. One big part of raqs culture is couture. On and off stage, dancers like to look their absolute best with unique clothing that brings out their personality and fun. Our Messy Boots shirt, Genderfluid and Tea Party designs were a big hit with all ages.


In the past week, New York hosted its annual Fashion Week. There, shoppable runways was coined. However, these types of runway shows have been around the Kawaii community for years. At Anime Weekend Atlanta, h.Naoto’s designs were literally bought right off the models. This is very common for us. In some stores, you can by the entire coordinate from JSK and hairbows to bloomers, socks and tights. It’s hard not to when you see everything put together. We’re glad the western fashion industry is seeing the value of making the whole outfit available for those that want it, be it a buyer looking for large orders or those who are eager to take what they can get on site.

We’re thrilled and excited to be welcomed into the Raqs community of Atlanta. Our team looks forward to seeing our friends and their love of art at upcoming events and shows that feature true collaboration of fun and fashion. If you’re wearing your RNG swag in untraditional places (if there is such a thing) let us know. Where do you wear your swag? Tag us in your photos on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We can’t wait to see you and share!



-RNG Entourage