Pause the Goth Layers, Transition to a Light Spring Dream

In the winter we tend to lean toward darker colours and black. Many of us are fond of the Gothic and Lolita Styles that are swept into the realm of EGL and Punk Loli. While some never skew from that colour palate, wearing heavy layers in the Spring and Summer can be daunting and uncomfortable. It can even be dangerous. So we’re looking at some styles we found featuring comfortable coordinates.

It’s okay to ditch the blouse. We know that’s Lolita rule number 1 in many cases, but there are lots of OPs that are thin and comfy and that wearing a JSK and blouse may not even be necessary. So look for OPs at this time of year to save on the layers.

Nothing but net! Need we say more? Go with a mesh or netted top that allows you to breathe. No satin or heavy cotton long sleeves for Spring and Summer. Let’s let loose and go with the breezy tops layered with lace and cute brights that are kawaii and light.

Tease ’em with this turn it out skirt! A light colour paired with black is still all that! This gothic lolita look is absolutely awesome with light layers and the beloved parasol. She’s looking spring and chic!

130824-9203 - Japanese street fashion in Harajuku, Tokyo

Last but far from least is our MessyBoots tee. Comes in short sleeve and sleeveles and is a favourite among our entourage and their friends. You’ve got the best of both worlds with this one and it can be combined with a leather skirt, high buckled boots with just the right amount of colours to mix and match with for hair accessories. You struck gold with this one!

So, dear fellow goth and punk Lolis…what say you? What are you transitioning into in the warmer months? Can’t wait to hear from you. Be sure to tag us in posts featuring you in your RNG swag to get entered to win cool things from RainbowsnGold!

#HappyRebellion sometimes means no blouse!
-RNG Entourage


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