Kawaii Scents: Cute Aromas

There are few things more captivating than the essence of a wonderful mix of scents. Prevalent at tea parties, festivals and ceremonies, these aromas range from heavy lilac and lavender to earth, wood and amber. Kawaii Scents are varied. Most notable are Vanilla, Berry, Lavendar, Rain, Seasplash, Honeysuckle, Sugar and Cotton to name a few. There are shops dedicated to these types of natural and edible aromas. Bath and Body Works is one and they offer a number of discounts and specials that permit scent lovers to stock up and indulge.


Essential oils not only smell amazing, they keep you well and healthy! 

Other shops and even apothecaries provide deeper scents and nature’s notes with viles of elderberry, bark, basil and other bold olfactory favourites. You can even go to the Body Shop and seek out certain oils that please your scent needs.Most popular of all are essential oils from companies like Young Living and Aper’s Rose which specialise in heavenly notes of citrus, thyme, chocolate and patchouli. The possibilities are endless with their suggested recipes and mixes. You can’t go wrong with these.

Aromas, scents, notes and olfactory favs are one part of enhancing your Kawaii life. Part of dressing the part is feeling it in your heart and the best way is to take it the next level in your eau de toilette, lotions and perfumes. Leave a lingering lasting impression of Kawaii Scents as you galavant with the girls and guys of the kawaiiverse!



Let us know what you choose. Slip into your coveted RNG tee and let us see you w/a symbol of your scent. Are you a vanilla bean dream in our Tea Party theme or a with a thyme and basil BTSSB clad kinda crew? Snap a selfie and we’ll pick one of you!

#KawaiiRebellion is just a wonderful whif away.
-RNG Entourage


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