Pssst! RNG’s Got a Secret!

So…you know how we’ve been prancing around in our cool Kawaii tees? Well, we’re adding another and going beyond our signature catch phrases. This one is pure Kawaii dolce overload with confections of perfection. It’s a perfect tee for sweets lovers and those who just crave showing off their favourite treats! You know where we’re going with this. It’s got things we feature everyday and at all the teas! We are teasing the tea out of this tee aren’t we?


But we can’t give it all away but here’s a hint. It’s got cookies, cool iconic cuteness and a comfortable fit to die for. You’re gonna want this for everyday wear and more. You might want to buy two! Both for you!


It doesn’t stop there! We’re making a game out of this one delicious piece at a time. Follow us on social media for a slice of this Kawaii pie! All next week more clues so stay tuned and watch this space! We’re ready to spoonfeed you the Kawaii goodness you crave everyday!

#HappyRebellion is a sweet Spring tee
-RNG Entourage


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