Spring Tea -A Kawaii Past Time

It’s that time of year again where we scour the land looking for the best tea. We’re giving you our Spring 2017 Top Tea list.

10. St. Regis Atlanta – price is pretty reasonable and the on site luxury supports our Kawaii elegance.


courtesy St. Regis Atlanta

9. Whole Foods – not one’s first choice but with the selection of coffee and teas plus wine keep our cups flowing over.

8. Tipple & Rose Tea Parlor – the proprietors know their tea and will let you know they know. They host theme parties and lots of cool events that Tokyo’s Kawaii-ites will love.


7. Annual Lolita Tea of Atlanta hosted by Andrea Nicole Baker – this tea party is known for being several hours of pure bliss with many members of the Atlanta Lolita Comm and their friends from out of state which make up the Southern Tea Party Club. It’s quite a kawaii sight and we love it!

6. Kroger Lindbergh – hot bar, wine bar, Starbucks – We never thought we’d be hanging out in Krogers to get our kawaii tea fix but alas we are! This particular Kroger (pronounced Krojaayyy by beloved fans) boasts an amazing array of food that takes up an entire section of the store. Adjacent is an exquisite wine bar with a team of knowledgeable experts giving you a true restaurant and wine bar experience. And then there’s us, we’re sitting there in Starbucks giggling and laughing with dolls in tow over a venti-green tea frappuccino double blended with hazelnut syrup and the kitchen sink. It’s quite fun! Join us some Monday nights!

5. Alon’s Bakery – an amazing bakery owned by a local Frenchman with an awesome history and city tie. Their macarons are the freshest most natural in all of the city featuring seasonal flavours. They also have an incredible display of pastries and baked goods including pistachio came almond croissants.

4. Cami Cakes – we just sit here and try ALL the cupcakes. ALL OF THEM!


3. Douceur de France/Bastille Day – this is our annual celebration with our dearest Sacha Chouchou who hosts this at Douceur de France in Marietta, GA every year for the holiday. The fun we have is detailed in our blog and is truly more than words can say. We have a blast!

2. Sweet Hut – A lot of our adventures start or end here. This is our go to place at the beginning of the day or our way of ending an incredible evening. From the sumptuous samosas to the cute cupcakes and teas, we’re steeped in sugar at this place and we love it.


1. Cafe Intermezzo – this needs no introduction. Just look at their menu! Cheesecake and Crepes Francaises for days!

Come find the entourage at any one of these tea parties and events. We live for a cuppa. It’s more than just the tea, it’s the friendship and fun that is rolled into one!

Two lumps or three?
#Happy Rebellion = 5 in our tea!
-RNG Entourage

*IG Pictures and fun courtesy of RNG and AA our active entourage member. Follow us on IG as well


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