Working While Kawaii

*As with anything, use your good judgement. This is entertainment and fun, not a command or advice. Find a way to be kawaii everyday! Here’s how we do it! Read on!

“What’s that in your hair?” “Is that a piece of cake on your finger?” These are some of the many questions that you will hear working while Kawaii. You’re going to get pestered. People will ask you why you do what you do and why you wear what you wear. The thing is, you don’t have to say a thing. As long as you are within the dress code of the company with which you work, you’re free to not answer to anyone regarding the bow in your hair, the macaron bracelet, that embossed Sanrio Hello Kitty logo that’s on your wallet…you don’t have to explain anything to anybody!  

photo credit- J. Graystyle 

Working while Kawaii is an actual thing. Some will tell you there is no such thing as a corporate coordinate. Ha! Oh yes there is. An a-line black skirt with a blouse, matching bow and cute series of bracelets followed by slightly heeled kawaii oxfords is a coordinate…a bit Otome-kei in fact. You can even slip that RNG tee underneath your dress jacket, tuck it into your office slacks, slip on the heels and add your bow earrings…baby you’re in a corporate Toyko Street Fashion ensemble that will have all the messy people turning their heads to get a better glimpse at that Messy Boots tee.


Artists, Musician, Self-employed industry expert? You can wear your tee to work everyday!

We’re far from joking when it comes to staying Kawaii not only at the clubs but in the 9-5. You’ve earned your certificate or degree, you’re helping the company stay open and bring in business. You’re doing your job and part of that trade is permitting you to be yourself. No one ever died or went out of business because their employee carried a Hello Kitty purse to the office nonchalantly, minding their own business. You’ve got this dear kawaii-ite. You better rock those rocking horse shoes with that pencil skirt and cool RNG shirt covered in a lab coat…wait, that might not work in a hospital but you know what to do!

Challenge, let us see you rock your corporate coordinate. Check with your HR manual for the dress code, find a way to make it work. Take your Kawaii with you, be yourself and enjoy the fruits of your labour with monthly treat (i.e. a macaron ring). Snap a photo and let us know how it goes. We’re giving away one RNG tee to the corporate kawaii three next months. Can’t wait to see how you all spread the joy of cute culture in the office!

#HappyRebellion indeed!
RNG Entourage


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