Cute Weddings, Tremendously Decorated Teas? Yes, Please!

image1Weddings are a beautiful thing…especially when given the creative license to make them cute. Our entourage blogger met up with M. Johnson, a wedding, cultural ceremony and event planner to get the scoop on what it takes to plan a huge event.
The delicate touch and details are sensational to say the least!

Given the teas and parties we throw, it’s great to have a new person in our circle that wants to really take our sweet scene to the next level. MJ’s Exquisite Events is a full service event boutique featuring the best in class when it comes to executing “the finer things.” Imagine an elegant and Gothic Japanese Street fashion affair with the intricate treatments of professionals. Bask in the lovely decor and splendor of a respected LGBTQIA commitment ceremony and reception. The possibilities are endless and the sky is the limit.


Would love to wear this to a ceremony!

We’re taking it up a notch in 2017 with fine details on all of our delicious dinner parties, fashion dates and incredible teas. We’re happy to support and partner with MJ Exquisite events to create incredible Kawaii spaces that truly morph our cute world into a Kawaii reality filled with revelry we’ll never forget!

#HappyRebellion just got even more real!
RNG EntourageRNG Entourage


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