Kawaii Challenges: Overcoming the Obstacles



Let kawaii life start with you! Grab an RNG tee and be cute!

The act and art of being kawaii has evolved over the years. There have been some pretty rough and scary times for those looking to break out into the fashion and more so the lifestyle. When our resident blogger, friends and others in our entourage first began to consider the fashion for themselves, there were so many challenges and obstacles to overcome. More than fear of getting it wrong, there were entire communities filled with unspoken dos and don’ts. How does one navigate the cute path without getting discouraged? While there are so many great things about our fashion community there are some things that newcomers meet with resistance and disdain. But keep going, there’s always an alternative way to stay. Our top five overcoming obstacles list starts here:

1. The Price! – If you’re into Lolita fashion, which is often one’s first introduction into the world of kawaii life, you’ll get sticker shock. How can a dress cost so much and you can only wear it to a few places or maybe just once before it’s already passee? Fear not, third party sellers, brand sales and online deals from Etsy can get you the dream dress you desire and deserve. Sometimes you can even buy the material from the brand store and make your own or hire a seamstress to create a dress for you. Never let the price of a coordinate turn you away. Look at the alternatives and own them! Be willing to do something different and not follow suit for the sake of fitting in. A decent fashion community will embrace what you’ve done with your kawaii creation. Look at the basic standards for the dress and fashion. Once understood, venture out gently into a design or print that works for you and your budget.
2. Brand Whores – What an awful thing to call someone but you hear it sometimes. This is a name used toward someone who repeatedly purchases a dresses from a popular designer and in some cases, only buys from AP or BTSSB. So, do you like these brands? That’s what you like to buy? You buy only brand and get scolded for it!? For some, brand is their first introduction to the JFashion and Lolita life. If you like brand, wear it and enjoy it. Most communities appreciate brand clothing and as long as you don’t force others to only buy your favourites, then more power to you! For us, brand goes beyond those two designers. Brand for us is any brand that has really made its mark by serving the ENTIRE community including the many different sizes that are represented. Redefine what it means to be a brand whore. Go all out in your favourite indie designer or something you skillfully created yourself. Slap your kawaii name on it and, again, own it!
3. Location of MeetUps and Cons – For some Lolitas finding others of their own kind is just plain hard. You’re sitting there at the cookie shop looking lonely and forelorn. Well, create a meet-up. Plan a day of activities that would be awesome enough that people from other states would literally drive an hour to spend time doing things with you. Take plenty of pictures and plan these for once a month. Most Lolitas love road trips and are happy to hop in the car, ruffles in tow and go to your town.

You can always come visit us in Atlanta, we’re in kawaii heaven every weekend!

4. Con Money – Conferences are not cheap. But that’s where the Lolita teas and big meets take place. Make a list of all the cons you want to go to. Rank them by importance and start saving money weekly. Don’t have cash? Be creative and start finding things you can sell, make or do to earn extra cash. We should be doing this anyway because corporate jobs are fleeting and sometimes so fake you can’t even bear to be there. So look for alternative and additional sources of income to keep the kawaii in your life.
5. Conflicts – There’s always one, yeah? That one fellow kawaii-ite that gives you the stink eye when you come around. They give you a once over and maybe flick their hair and ignore your presence when you’re there. Stop going to those meet-ups where they are present. This goes back to #3. Make your own meetings and cultivate a community of like-minded kind people you care about. Go as far as to block them on your social media platforms if needed so that they can’t meddle in your life or give you grief. Create meet-ups and personally invite people that you know enjoy your company. If you’ve done all you can to make nice and a few people are giving you strife, walk away and create a new space to play!
Our top 5 is just that…a small list of ways you can overcome obstacles in Kawaii culture. We want to hear from you. Tell us how you have overcome an obstacle to achieving the kawaii life you need and deserve. We’ll send one of our entries a brand new RNG t-shirt as a symbol of unity and the ability to go forward despite it all. Own your kawaii, step over the stubborn stones that may fall in your way. Look for alternatives and make it work for you!

Turn your life into a cloud 99.9 moment of pure bliss!

#HappyRebellion can also mean overcoming! Be you, have fun!
-RNG entourage

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