Gleefully Gifting with RainbowsNGold

In Atlanta, where we call home, we are big on gift giving and bringing treats to one another. For years, members of our entourage have participated in gift exchanges for a number of different holidays including Christmas and Valentine’s Day. We find this to be our way of bonding.


Gifts during tea parties can be as elegant as these from Surreal Sentiments

Lolita culture is also steeped in the intimacy of good friendships. It’s not uncommon to find Lolitas curled up with one another feeding each other candy or bonding over a piece of cake. Males and females and those of many different genders swirl into this huge woven basket of friendship and ultra care. It’s a magical scene.

RainbowsNGold promotes this type of healthy living and encourages you to take your friendships to the next level with gifts. They don’t have to be ultra elaborate, just make sure they are from the heart. You can twin-out with an RNG tshirt to start. Grab the slogan you feel your friend can relate to most and grab two, one for them, the other for you. Make a plan to dress it up and make a day to go out in your RNG swag. Take a photo! Share it with us. The couple or crew of more than two will win two shirts of your choice from our online store. We can’t wait to make a social buzz post about you and your friends!


-RNG Entourage


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