Release the Rainbows: Shining Through Personas

Did you know masks are a part of winter in Tokyo? These elaborate works of art are a part of traditions. With bold and suspicious faces, they delight and scare adults and children alike. But much like Lunar New Year dragons in China, you need these creatures to bring you good fortune in the new year.

RainbowsNGold hopes that you will find RNG swag just as exciting. Instead of slightly frightening we give you quite a bit of Kawaii coolness to sashay your way into cute fashion circles. Much like the mask hides one’s face and allows them to be uninhibited, our casual couture allows you to let go and be your true self.


NHK shows some cute ways to celebrate fashion and fun on Kawaii Intl. Cute little mustache masks included!

Let your creative side shine using the surging high of Cloud 9.99. Be sugary sweet in a tea party tee! Or get as messy as you wanna be with our Messy Boots. It’s all up to you and we support your wish to let the real you come through!


We’re on Cloud 99.9 when we spend our afternoons watching NHK and highlights from Tokyo. It’s pure bliss!



-RNG Entourage



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