Fashion Festivals For Fun

Currently in Tokyo, the winter festivals are underway. The snow festivals of winter are some of the most glorious of all. RainbowsNGold always encourages a good helping of NHK World programming and this is the season to watch as the network sends guides and  visitors to the area to cover the amazing sites. But what about creating these same spectacular emotions in your own lives?

catch_secret_15 Secret Places

A festival of fashion is what we’re thinking of this month. Create events and fun outings for a few weekends straight. Make an invitation via online tools, decorate and assign a theme. Be sure to add visits to some of your favourite places that correspond to the theme of the fashion festival. That might be your local mall or a shopping centre. As always, a foodie hangout is crucial cause you’ll want to take pictures of the delicious fare.




For us, it’s about dressing up, having warm soups and good meals together. We make a list of the places we love the most and head out dressed in our RNG best. We are quite the spectacle and we have a blast. We encourage you to do the same. It’s very easy to get caught up in the darkness of the season, but you can turn it into the light. Share with us the ways in which you are doing your very best to make the days brighter through fashion, food and fun.

#HappyRebellion is filled with food and good friends!

-RNG Entourage



  1. meowcoolia · January 9, 2017

    so jealous ugh


    • rainbowsngold · February 8, 2017

      Don’t be. Create your own fun festival foodie group of friends. Tag us when you do! 🙂 #RNG


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