The Cloud 9 Challenge – Kawaii Serenity

This weekend was certainly one of enlightenment for one of our entourage members. Many of our fans are fully immersed in Asian culture an languages. We’re clearly enamored with the wonderful and vast culture of Japan. But far past the busy streets of Tokyo are prefectures and villages where the serene life and traditional ways are in place. This, for a fellow RNGer who spent three hours speaking with a Japanese film producer who swept us into an exciting time away from city life, was a reminder that you can take the kawaii life anywhere. Imagine a blissful moment in the serenity the outskirts amidst the seasons of Japan. In our minds we’re decked out in a Cloud 9 tee, having real sushi, practicing our kanji and having an amazing time.


Saw this on Pinterest. Hoping to connect with the artist for more info.

We preach party but the serenity of Cloud 9 comes from being able to wallow in the wilderness of peace. This holiday season is brewing with the hustle and bustle of gift shopping…so much so, statistics are showing many people aimed to avoid it and shopped online. And here we are in our rainbowed bliss with tshirts that can be purchased in a split second without scrambling or fighting for the last one…though our Tea Party tee is about to flee. Get yours now because we’re running out. And with that we encourage you to take the Cloud 9 challenge. Find your place of peace.

Send us a selfie of you and your friends, decked out in your kawaii best but in a blissful rest. Sprawl out in your quiet place at home. Grab your dolls, a cup of tea and just be. We want to hear how you find peace in the season. Let Cloud 9 be your inspiration and bring us with you into the bliss of serenity.


Ahhh, this was bliss…the serenity of the woods, great tea and amazing friends

#HappyRebellion indeed…
-RNG Entourage


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