The Power of Friendship

Kawaii culture is very much centered around building up a wardrobe as much as it is having friends with which to share it. It’s essential to attend conferences and meetups to get to know others who share your passion for this fashion. Fewer times have been so important as now to build lasting bonds and friendships with your fashion community. We’re moving toward 2017 and we want to go in with strength in numbers, heart and soul. That’s what RainbowsNGold has been doing since day one.

We want to lead you to the RNG FB page which gives you tons of ideas on how to mix and mingle with people. In our Kawaii Bites we’re always sharing the latest kawaii fun and places to go or people of which to see. It’s amazing to think a whole group of potential friends is right at your fingertips. Through some of our posts we’ve been able to reach out and bond with featured guests on Kawaii International and also find new brands in our fashion comm to explore and share. This is all a part of the global goal of true friendship.

It’s time to reach out. Our challenge to you this week is seek out a community within Kawaii fashion that you’ve never been to before and virtually shake hands. Find out what’s new in their world and maybe plan for a visit. Slip on that RNG tshirt and reach out on a mission of everlasting friendship. And while clad in all things rad, we’ll keep you updated on our adventures as well.

-RNG Entourage


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