Celebration of Inclusion via Victorian Fashion

Our resident blogger and entourage member talks briefly about inclusion in fashion. This is a topic to which we hold dear because RainbownsNGold IS an inclusive company. We live and breathe inclusion. It’s just what we do. We’re all about opening up dialogue to highlight the wonderful world of loving our friends and ignoring anything or anyone that would remotely try to separate us due to our physical, religious or ethnic differences…especially in the world of fashion. Please read with an open mind.

It has been quite a season of introspect for many across the world. One thing that’s for sure is there’s a beautiful wave and push for inclusion that embraces all who are on the path of enlightenment and true love. Breaking down stereotypes and destroying myths is not just trending it’s becoming a permanent way and approach to the way we interact. Slipping quickly into the habit of calling people by their nationality vs. their ethnicity, we’re also seeing the rise of fashion and retail casually presenting multiethnic relationships in their advertising without the unnecessary explanations. It’s refreshing to say the least. Most people do not want to be weighed down with having their uniqueness pointed out in a stereotypical way. To say that a person of colour and minorities are “interesting” because they’re wearing type of clothing different from the style drummed up by modern day colonial hangovers speaks volumes about the one noticing it. Which brings me to this wonderful article that talks about minorities in Victorian fashion. Please enjoy and note the similarities between these clothes and those worn today by many people of in the Japanese Street Fashion communities (which is made up of all colours mind you). Man, did they wear it well! Thanks to the JFashion movements and global dandy culture, you can still find in parts of South African and beyond, elements of these styles that are still going strong. Talk about a sharp dressed man…and woman! Yes, trust. Link to full photo ablum here: http://www.upworthy.com/17-stunning-photos-of-black-victorians-show-how-history-really-looked?c=ufb1&s=p

Japanese Street Fashion is circumnavigating the globe. It has reached the Middle East and many African nations as well, swirling and combining with local customs and cultures. It will look a little different from the original Japanese keis and even those are evolving daily with respect to those who still follow the originals. It’s absolutely awesome. It is a uniting factor. We all love to spend time together dressed up in our favourite part of this fashion culture. In doing so, it’s essential that we embrace all cultures that appreciate and celebrate the fashion beyond the stereotypes we’ve been led to believe. That is not at the heart of the sisterhood and brotherhood of the movement. Even if you’ve encountered over 50 people at different times in your life of one classification who act the same way thus making you think that one group is the same all over…you’re still going to find others in that classification who are different at some point. There is no true place for exclusion anymore. It’s oxymoronic and unwanted.

Our fashion culture is one that should be a safe place for all cultures to come together and enjoy long Harajuku Fashion Walks and weekly teas. Bringing the essence of the colonial hangover into it just ruins it for everyone, even the person who harbours it. This article and the pictures inside show that people of colour have been a part of fashion communities for years and have worn it well. There are countless other articles out there showing the travel of Arabs, Africans, Asians from the north and more going around the world and interacting just as people do today in the fashion of the time, far outside that of their native cultures and certainly far from any stereotypes about the people of their land. Long live this spirit of inclusion, of taking part and enjoying each other. As we move forward toward the once elusive Utopia, nothing but love will be tolerated. Love wins over everything else, every. single. time. Grab yourself an RNG tshirt and become part of a beautiful thing.


-RNG Entourage


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