Go For Glam with Rainbows ‘N’ Gold

We went from creepy creations to cool weather cute in zero to sixty. Halloween  had barely passed before we spotted the first Christmas Tree. So…let’s do this. Let’s get ready to glam up the season with a ton of kawaii cool and creative coordinates like these from h. Naoto!

Our challenge is still out there. We want to see how you glam up RNG tees. We’ve been out and about in ours. Our entourage is just sparkling and we’re loving it.

Phillip from YBLimited

In addition to making your RNG sparkle and shine how about other parts of your wardrobe. No matter if you celebrate these holidays or not you’ll probably end up at a party or two. We all know that Lolitas and JFashionistas never turn down a good gathering. So what’s your favourite JFashion glammed up look for this season? We wanna see your photos.
We’ve been out with RNG founder C2 on her photoshoots and were beyond pleased with the pictures. Feel inspired by these gorgeous looks and really dive into with friends in tow. The nights are longer so you’ve got more time to really give it all you’ve got and strut your stuff from your favourite online stores and boutiques. We trust we’re one of them.
Let’s see you shine!
-RNG Entourage

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