Tis Tshirt Season with RNG

So, we’ve been out…and by that we mean really spending time with members in the fashion community and social groups across the prism. We have spared no expense or time to get around to all of the events and occasions on the social calendar. RNG was there! As we continue to link and connect, we encourage all of our friends to feel free to reach out for RNG merch that can be included in their events.


Having a birthday party for a really cool friend? Or hosting one for yourself? RNG swag is fun for gift bags! Get a tea party tee to commemorate a grand occasion with friends or a Cloud99.9 tee to express the bliss of your for all those on your guest list. The possibilities are endless.

Our Messy Boots tshirt is quite a popular go-to for members of various communities. It’s something that can be worn and taken in any way you want. It has a different kind of reach and is often met with a shoulder nudge and giggle. We get that. Party clothes and fun stuff is a big part of our day to day. We are the escape, we are where our friends go to just be and relax. Whether it’s a grand Alice in Wonderland salute on a five hour tea afternoon or a late night shindig that last til the next morning, RainbowsNGold has the tees that express what an excited state of mind is feeling. We’re just THAT excited all of the time.

Stock up this party season on RNG and send us photos of you in your favourite tees. Doesn’t have to be just ours. Show us the real you. It’s the Selfie Season!


-RNG Entourage


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