Now Trending: Tea Party Tees!!

We’re totally immersed in fashion all over the globe including our own. Every wonder how trends get started? We found out everything on the whole sheer movement and silhouette overgarments in Kawaii fashion. According to a couple of JFashion programs, this trend took place back 2014 with various designers adding this element to their dresses, tees and more. Even today this sheer fashion remains in many runway shows.




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Another come back are tees. Plain tees, iconic tees and especially print tees like those that we offer. People are dressing them up and really finding ways to make them glam or play it cool. We’re doing all the things. Our most recent design, “Tea Party” in our girl cut is now available for the low price of $25. This is the perfect way to show your tea obsession in the realm of Kawaii life. As we have more fun with this shirt, we’ve got a Q for you. Want GLITTER or PASTEL? – Let us know in the comments section, on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Tweet us what you want 😉


But we’re not done…we’ve got a lot of cool and colourful designs coming your way as we navigate the ins and outs of cute-life. Our adventures in the sugary sweet have reached around the world and back again. Can’t wait to share all the fun stuff we’ve been into. Our clothing will reflect the fantasies that are being brought to life in every corner of the globe…oh we’re so ready for this. Join us! Grab your tee and let’s just “be!” We’re basking in #HappyRebellion


-RNG Entourage


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