Becoming a Kawaii Model

Looking at fashion magazines and publications can be inspiring. Lots of young men and women aspire to be models and present all of the different keis. The great thing about Japanese Street Fashion are the numerous styles from which you can choose. Be it Gyaru, Neo Gyaru or Mori plus Danshi, these styles are so specific that they become timeless classics within a decade. They are also be seen on runways around the world of late. That gives Japanese Street Fashion enthusiasts a bigger stage and options.


But how do you even get to be a model? For some it’s a matter of just putting pictures online and being discovered. In the past, a talent scout might see you and literally pick you from a street snap. It’s still the same but there are also agencies and agents that handle the entire process for each person. Founder C2, who has been in the industry for over a decade gives this advice:

“Before visiting an Agent consider photographing with a credible Photographer, Makeup Artist, Hairstylist, and Wardrobe Stylist to start your portfolio. Yes, it’s true you or a friend can take casual snapshots with a camera however you will not begin work right away if taken on by an agency. The Agent will need to schedule a photo shoot so you will have professional photos representing you on their model board. Your portfolio is a valuable investment so be aware of high ticketed photo shoots. It’s not needed to get you started. Also be aware of hidden fees while interviewing with Agents. Do not pay a fee to join an agency unless you are attending a modeling school. Agents receive 15-20 percent taken from your modeling jobs.

Here are tips for a successful photo shoot.

1-    Theme (relevant to your modeling category)

2-    Decide Budget

3-    Create theme for photo shoot (look to magazines stories for ideas)

4-    3 Looks  consisting of a headshot, quarter shot, and body shot

5-    Keep makeup and accessories to a minimum (remember agents want to see the real you)

6-    Compare pricing and style of the Photographer, Makeupe Artist, Hairstylist, and Wardrobe Stylist

7-    Take a friend

Recently, Tokyo Fashion Express featured a competition called the Tokyo Girls Collection where one model was picked out of almost 20,000. In this contest, the group was narrowed down to 10 models and they walked the runway allowing their personality to shine. The winner was a young lady who was twenty. She was the oldest in the group. The youngest was still in grade school. Watching the young women go through the process was a little intense and perhaps nerve-racking for those involved. But the winner was announced and she will now walk the runway for years to come with this particular group that does many of the shoppable runways we talked about last week.


Next week we’ll explore this further with a look at becoming a model stateside. Finally, those gorgeous lovelies of the trans world are being recognized for the dazzling delightful contributors to fashion that they are. The show Strut which features Slay modeling agency are doing something that others should have been doing long ago…being inclusive. Can’t wait to discuss.


-RNG Entourage



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