Don’t Have to Dig Deep: Shoppable Runways Are In Effect

Tokyo just had yet another  major runway show and as mentioned previously in an RNG post the shoppable runway has become completely accessible to buyers at all levels. This, in many ways, lowers prices and makes kawaii fashion immediately available after a fashion show vs. waiting for it to hit retail stores. You can see the full show on NHK.



There wasn’t just one style shown at this Fashion event. There was a mix of different things and a sort of evolution from day to night. There was a sophisticated approach to all of the clothing and the cute kawaii pinks and pastels were not in abundance but certainly not hidden either. In some cases models wore really deep colours and the famous embroidered jackets that had a feature on Kawaii International this summer.


With the cooler months approaching, longer pants, rich coloured tops and coordinates were key. There were also a number of hats and headgear. The JFashion street peeps are touching on the new romantic era which was a big hit in the early 80s. Think of the outfits of the early days of Duran Duran and The Fixx. Heavier coats and circle zipper pulls made famous by bands like Tears for Fears, all three of whom have a huge following in Nippon. It’s time to step back into that era and bring it into the light. Funny thing is…they all have new albums or on the way…can we say let’s relive the good parts of that amazing era? Oh heck yeah! Brit pop meets JFashion every day!

Photo on Literary Hoarders, great post to ground you in this music and fashion art. Check them out!

It seems that no matter what, the JFashion streets speak to the hearts of the designers. What the street teams feature will be the hottest trends and we’re already running with it. RNG is right in the fold with a dark tea party t-shirt that’s right in line with the times. You can always access our couture be it on stage or online. Let’s say yes to the shoppable runways everyday. Let’s do this!

-RNG Entourage


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