Give me some hair! Trends in Harajuku Hair Fashion

As the song says, “give me some hair…long beautiful hair! Give me down to there hair, shoulder length or longer…” HAIR! What’s a coordinate without a swank and kawaii hairstyle? Be it a wig or natural do, hair is essential for you and your complete look.

In Harajuku, salons like Candy and Candye salon are extremely popular and adding colours and rainbows of all sorts is key. We’re sharing these great videos by YouTubers you’ll want to subscribe to and follow. There’s some really great stuff you can do no matter what your length may be. This cool video is an awesome reference on colouring hair. Check it out and subscribe.


One of the most popular styles. Help us find this model!

If styling your own hair is just not in your schedule you can do wigs. Buying them and caring for them is part of life for many JFashionistas. There are tons of shoppes from which to buy the wig of your dreams. You can also buy hair pieces to add volume to your hair. In this fashion, bold and big is quite the trend and has been for the past few years. For casual Lolita, a well-coiffed do suffices.

Need help wigs? Great tutorial and info here! Totally disagree that the fashion is almost over, people have been saying that for a decade (next blog topic) and it’s still strong…if not stronger than ever. Take a look at her wigs, leave a comment, enjoy it. Good stuff here!

The great thing about Kawaii life is ultimate creativity so we want to see what styles you find fun and functionable. Post photos of your cool hair styles or ones you really like to our FB page. You can also tag us on Instagram or send us a tweet. We can’t wait to get into your hair!



#RNG and #EOB6 – a perfect partnership

This past weekend Rainbows N Gold had a very successful feature in a fashion show at Essence of Bellydance. What’s a brand like ours doing at a bellydance conferences? That’s a no brainer for our hardcore followers who know that we are big on raqs sharqi and cultural dances. In the west, raqs sharqi is often called bellydance. The origins are Middle Eastern and African and refer to many dances done with hips. One big part of raqs culture is couture. On and off stage, dancers like to look their absolute best with unique clothing that brings out their personality and fun. Our Messy Boots shirt, Genderfluid and Tea Party designs were a big hit with all ages.


In the past week, New York hosted its annual Fashion Week. There, shoppable runways was coined. However, these types of runway shows have been around the Kawaii community for years. At Anime Weekend Atlanta, h.Naoto’s designs were literally bought right off the models. This is very common for us. In some stores, you can by the entire coordinate from JSK and hairbows to bloomers, socks and tights. It’s hard not to when you see everything put together. We’re glad the western fashion industry is seeing the value of making the whole outfit available for those that want it, be it a buyer looking for large orders or those who are eager to take what they can get on site.

We’re thrilled and excited to be welcomed into the Raqs community of Atlanta. Our team looks forward to seeing our friends and their love of art at upcoming events and shows that feature true collaboration of fun and fashion. If you’re wearing your RNG swag in untraditional places (if there is such a thing) let us know. Where do you wear your swag? Tag us in your photos on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We can’t wait to see you and share!



-RNG Entourage


Cut to the Coordinate!


dcon-giftsWe’ve been on a fun roller coaster of coordinate love as participants in the recent Japanese Street Fashion show held on the DragonCon Silk Road track in Atlanta Ga. Attendance was well over 60,000 and we had a ballroom full of interested and eager JFashionistas from every kei of every corner of the land. We made new friends, new fans and after one more contribution to the track, found ourselves in the Daily Dragon, the DragonCon famous newspaper.

The focus is really on fashion right now as we switch into the cooler months. As mentioned these past few weeks the looks are full of food and frills. Excitement and partying are the way to go and the clothes have to stand up to that kind of wild treatment. So what do you do? You wear an apron! That’s right. Aprons are awesome in JFashion. Here are some from a few brands, some Loli and some non. Gotta keep those coordinates clean!

In addition to the cool covers for coordinates during a nosh are shawls, duppattas and chenis with a Japanese spin. h.Naoto debuted his new line with several and we’re going crazy for all of them. Elegant steampunk styles as well as EGL are sporting these long printed accessories that coordinate well with these cute outfits. It’s a dream come true for those of us who adore wrapping ourselves in elegance. Now we can swaddle ourselves in numerous brands!


There are so many cool events coming up that require a keen eye for fashion. So we’re getting ready to start our series on dressing up and daring to be bold as it gets cold with bright, big bold colours that are untraditional for this time of year. We’re looking beyond winter whites, to platinum and black so deep and rich it’s practically blue. The designer list is long and we want to hear your favourites as well. While scanning our site, take a moment to drop us a line on what colours you’re wearing this season. What are you doing to “do you?” We can’t wait to see it! Tag us and tell us about your love for RNG and all the cool designers in your kawaii life.

-RNG Entourage