Dare to Be Delicious: Kawaii Foodie Coordinates

Foodie Fridays have never been so fashionable. For the past few seasons we’ve seen food take a role in prints. However, it’s full force now going from mere fruit bags to full on meals as purses. It’s a delicious sight to see and wear. No matter how much of it you consume, you won’t be able to get enough. It’s really incredible and edible. Examples include this gorgeous strawberry coord from Sweet Loreley and the cool pasta coordinate from brand ‘Temporary Parking Lot’ both of which are on taobao.

For fall, the tea scene continues from designers like Lady Sloth. Her coffee time print is available in a JSK, a one piece and accessories. For those who are hungry to add a few more munchies you can find  great croissant, egg and toast pins from Etsy store and bigger items from other online stores. Just try not to eat it. It’s tempting.

RNG is totally on the scene with cool rings topped with whipped cream. We’re also exploring how food is playing a deeper role in kawaii culture as we go out and about. Nearly every meetup and event has food as its centerpiece and theme. Food is huge in Japan and in Kawaii communities worldwide. We want to show you how to mix and match your favourite snacks with your kawaii tshirts and slacks. Be sure to subscribe to our blog posts and upcoming videos to get ideas on how to make your coord sugary sweet and neat.


Let tea meetups inspire you!

Are you wearing your breakfast, lunch or dinner? We want a bite! Send us your photos of foodie coords and we’ll enter you to win an RNG tee! Post and tag to our social media pages: Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

And here’s one of our video picks of the month…shopping and kawaii food tours! You’re gonna love it!

-RNG Entourage


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  1. rainbowsngold · August 31, 2016

    For more monthly RNGstyle tips, follow us on Instagram. If we see an interest we’ll give you more. Hugs&Cake!- QK


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