Festival Season Coordinates: Packing and Planning

We’re almost into September and that means some super cool segues into the Fall Festival season. We at RNG celebrate just about every holiday on the planet in every culture. We’re fortunate to have so many different friends and family from around the globe. Starting September we’ll be headed out to various festivals in our vast international and Kawaii Community. Our teas will go from white hot to warm hues. These looks are already showing up in Japan where beautiful places like Hokkaido see a change of seasons and we all follow suit.


One of the latest releases from Angelic Pretty

Speaking of suits, we want to help you get ready for the conferences to come. These include DragonCon, Anime Weekend Atlanta and RuffleCon to follow. There’s also the big Disney Tea that takes place on International Lolita Day on the first Saturday in December followed by the big January Tea to start off 2017 in Atlanta. The future comes so fast. We at RNG are ready with our new t-shirt designs which are popping up online for your viewing pleasure. Be sure to watch this space. For those looking for Lolita coordinates many designers like Mumucat, Alice and the Pirates (AP) and Psyche Beast Bones are releasing new items which will allow you to dress accordingly for all the events coming up. Taking good care of your coordinates when you pack and travel is going to be quite crucial. Planning is key. Allow us to take you through a routine that has worked for us countless times.


The Luggage Factory – has the roller and the carryon backpack

Get a good suitcase. Invest in a nice one that has compartments for shoes. You only need 1 or 2 pair of good shoes when you’re attending a conference in kawaii clothing. Kawaii Trainers are awesome because you can get creative with them by trading out the shoe strings or adding all sorts of pins and cool cobochon to match your kawaii coords and RNG Swag ;). Second, a cool pair of tea party shoes. Also, a plain black patent leather style shoe works well no matter what the dress colour.

Tea Party Coordinate – This is the coord you want to wear to the tea and other evening events. Put all of your accessories for this coordinate in a separate bag and attach it to the coordinate so that everything is in one place. You’d be surprised how fast accessories can go missing when you’re rushing from party to party during conventions. Of all the coordinates, this is the one that doesn’t need to have missing pieces. No one else will notice but you will and it can drive you mad knowing that you’re not wearing those cute pancake earrings with that Angelic Pretty Honey Cake or Milky Chan print.

Fun Coordinate – This is the one you want to run around and do photo shoots in and kawaii street snaps around the con. It may even be something you put together with your Cloud 99.9 or GenderFluid RNG tee. This coordinate should be the one you sling over the chair and have handy in the room with your Kawaii Trainers and cool multicoloured petticoat. Take this one out of the bag and do not hang it up. When you get off the plane and get ready to go running around the convention center, time is off the essence, slip into this first. It should be placed on top of everything. Also keep one of your casual kawaii tops neatly in your handbag in case the airline has issues with your luggage and you have to wait a day to get your bags. You’ll at least have a clean top to change into and can still rock your coordinate in some form of kawaii fashion.

Toiletries, make-up and other things that can stain should always be in a large sealed plastic bag so that in case any of the containers come open during the jostle of the plane, your coordinates are not damaged. You can travel with one suitcase but always have a spare carryon bag with your make-up pouch, an extra kawaii tshirt, your passport and other travel documents. If your coordinates are worth over $500 buy insurance. It’s about $20 and will save the day in case your luggage gets lost. The airlines will pay you for items lost but their standard $500 will often only cover one coord. If it’s a limited release you can’t re-purchase dress. So, protect yourself.

Travelling in Lolita and Kawaii Coordinates
People often ask if they should travel wearing Lolita and Kawaii Fashion and if so, what style works best. We think Kadona/Ouji, Otome and Fairy Kei work well because you don’t have to wear a petticoat for those aesthetics. Overall, it’s fun to be in Kawaii Japanese Street fashion when on the road or in the air. As always, we want to hear from you! What do you do when you travel to conventions and tea parties across the globe and state lines? Send us your tips! Respond here to the blog or leave us a note on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter. Use the hashtag #KawaiiTravel. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

Hello Kitty Flights

If you’ve flown Eva Air let us know!

#SafeTravels and tag us in your fun at the cons!
-RNG Entourage

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