RNG Loving Kawaii Danshi

Fashion trends come and go but there are some keis that are here to stay. RainbowsNGold has been quite outspoken on the importance of genderless kawaii element in our culture. We’ve never been ones to conform to any norm and find androgyny quite alluring, breathtaking and beautiful.


YBLimited‘s founder Philip W. in RNG

Our newest tshirt highlights genderfluidity. This is not a new concept but one that kawaii culture has always made a place for thankfully. It encompasses the dynamic of being a human being, expressing oneself as one feels and not limiting the human body to one aesthetic based on gender assignment. This is our underline emotion in much of what we do. RNG embraces individuality and uniqueness in the name of inclusivity. It’s time to pour some heavy love back into humanity especially in our current political climate.


In Tokyo today genderless fashion and danshi are making waves once again on catwalks and city shoppes. Designers like Ding and others are continuing to provide local Japanese with just the right combinations of inspiration in their fashion district. Both Tokyo Fashion Express and Kawaii International dedicated broadcasts this month featuring this style and it’s encouraging to see it brought forward as a staple visual fashion.


from NHK’s recent feature on Genderless Danshi

We’d love to hear from our fellow genderfluid individuals who are heavy into fashion. Send us your pictures by posting them to our Facebook page, tagging us on Instagram and Twitter or sending us an email with your image. We’ll also happily celebrate our fellow entourage and fans who mix RNG tees into their coordinates. No matter what you do, do you! Let’s also do this together!


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