Kawaii Life Will Thrive in Tokyo 2020

The Olympics are in full swing in Brasil, the nation that is home to the world’s largest population of Japanese outside of Japan. Kawaii culture is alive and well in many big cities like Rio and Sao Paulo. In fact, Brasil is known to have some of the world’s biggest and most dedicated fans that support their favourite shows, musicians and media to levels far beyond the trends. And kawaii-ite Brasileiros hold true to the background of the culture while adding in their own colloquial additions.

Kawaii Ambassador to Brasil

Brasil’s Kawaii Ambassador Nikkei (photo by Henrique Minatogawa – photo on discovernikkei.org)

As RNG continues to make its way around the world we see how Kawaii life permeates different cultures and how they react to it. We think of how our Kawaii world will be in 2020 when Tokyo welcomes the Olympics. What will be the driving factor that keeps our fashion intact. Will the world embrace it? Will it get washed away or misnomered like a trend? Does it stand to be truly embraced, damaged or twisted into a commercial mainstream “thing” that could be potentially watered down? Nope. Character streets will be our saving grace and the first point of contact for visitors. And there are plenty of them as shown in this great video by The Uwaga Pies. Check it out:

Taking a good look at the strength in our fashion, it has actually withstood a lot of impact and survived very well. So many things have touched it over the years and had an affect on it, from tech bubble bursts and revival to rock stars who have come in and taken it back to their home countries. Kawaii culture might be gentle looking but it’s got the power and might of the strong. RNG predicts it’s not going anywhere. If anything, it’s going to gain a stronger following than it already has.

A percentage of the world lives online. Much like our Kawaii culture grew through the interwebs, people will attend the games from the comfort of their own homes or the palm of their hands using phones and mobile devices. Months leading up to this global sporting event you will see documentaries and news about life in Japan, the numerous prefectures and of course Kawaii culture in Tokyo. You’ll see more reports on the economy, Japan’s dynamic fashion industry and how the Olympics has touched all of this. Kawaii culture will be present in 2020 and beyond. Videos for the games have been inclusive of us, even if it’s only glimpse…we are there. Kawaii culture is part of Japan. So, be a part of the movement by tagging your brands and lifestyle with your plans of being visible during this pivotal time in our history. Kawaii life shall stand the test of time!

-RNG entourage


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