The Best of Bastille Day

July was steeped in salutes to kawaii history and its origins. One of which was RainbowsNGold‘s first Bastille Day celebration with the Japanese Street Fashion Community. One of our entourage members who has been attending this for many years in and out of state suggested this to us and we had the time of our lives.

Our lady V. Sama and Lady C. dressed to the 9s for Bastille Day in French themed coordinates.

Most of the young ladies that attended were in Lolita fashion, with one sporting Otome kei. While the fashion was the highlight of the event so was all of the food from France. From Croque Mademoiselle to boxes piled high of les macarons francaises we ate it all.
les macarons
Our evening finished up at a great Lebanese restaurant in Midtown Atlanta, Nicolas Restaurant where we spent an evening with raissa extraordinaire Samora and dining on Lebanese specialties. It was a cloud99.9 experience! In the audience was the icon, Amar Gamal! She got the star treatment and we had a blast! So much history there as well given the french presence in Lebanon and how the art of Raqs Sharqi has become a huge part of the culture as well. Glad we have the freedom to celebrate it and be inclusive in doing so.
Bastille Day is a huge symbol of freedom in the nation and represents so much including people taking a stand in their own lives. We firmly believe that JFashion brings that concept into it with a call to people to express themselves and their ideas. Dedicated members in our fashion world have found freedom in this particular genre of the industry and we’re cheering them on. What you wear speaks volumes about yourself. Our coordinates are a reflection of our feelings about ourselves in many ways. We don’t feel bound to fit into an idea or stereotype of race or ethnicity. We’re joining this historic fashion movement whose beginnings were a strong statement in itself.
We encourage everyone to embrace the opportunity to be you. Dress up, coordinate yourself and get out with like minded people who celebrate your uniqueness. And, when you get a chance, come hang out with us. Grab a t-shirt, come out and have some tea.

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