Places to Go & People to See with #RNG

Life is great when you fill it with things to do. We’re heading out with swag and friends in tow to these cool events coming up. We hang out in dance communities, LGBTQIA supportive environments, numerous Kawaii highlands, cultured corners worldwide…and we’re ready to party. What’s on your calendar? Join us at some of these or explore with friends! We’ll be there at many events in our #RNG shirts. We’re easy to find! Come say hi!


24 July The Double D Horns
Are you into the sound of horns and mega musicians? Want to go crazy at a cool birthday party? You’ll want to see The Double D Horns – featuring Johan Paul Maramba, Miles Jensen on guitar and Michael Villiers on drums in addition to Danny T. Levin on trumpet and David Moyer (the birthday boy) on sax/flute.”In addition to our original tunes, you could hear songs by Magnetic Fields, Arcade Fire, Rilo Kiley, Vampire Weekend, Blood Orange, Dirty Projectors, Another Bad Creation, Early Winters, and more!” -Event

Location: New York City
Cost: FREE!!
Band Website:
Event Page:


30 July Mechacon Anime Conventions’ So You Want To Be A Dandy: Boystyle for Beginners
The name speaks for itself!
Location: New Orleans
Cost: Comes with Mechacon Registration
Event Page:


13/14 August: NYC African Food Festival
We love to eat out and have several Africans in our entourage who can tell you the continent’s food is divine! Try this festival where there’s plenty of heavenly nosh!
Location: Brooklyn NY
Cost: as low as $20 – other special tickets available
Event Page:

21 August Atlanta’s Got Talent
Join Jenny & Faaridah for the Summer Edition of Atlanta’s Got Talent! Its a HEAT WAVE! Join us for some hot performances by your local faves! Registration and ticket sales open soon!
Location: Atlanta Georgia
Cost: TBD
Event Page:


DragonCon Parade is massive…

2-5 September DragonCon 2016
4 full days of anime, sci-fi, Japanese Street Fashion and about 50 other things. Checkout the number of tracks at this convention. There’s something for everyone!
Location: Atlanta Georgia
Cost: $75 and up
Event site/Website:


There will be boys bellydancing at Essence of Bellydance 2016 and so much more!

15 – 18 September Essence of Bellydance
Meet stars from the world of Raqs Sharqi including the famous Raqia Hassan of Egypt, Andrus Ramir of Miami and Sorraih Said of Brazil/AlMsr
Location: Atlanta Georgia
Cost: Varies
Event Page:


Dance show is continuous – 2 days of day long shows.

17 & 18 September Japan Fest
It’s exactly what it says..a festival featuring everything Japanese you can think of and it’s beautiful!!! Lots of social clubs and groups from the city make sure they attend in their best frilly frocks and regional fashion from various prefectures. You gotta see this! Dances on the Infinite Energy stage all weekend long! It’s the best!
Cost: Varies – discounts available
Event website:

December 2016 – May 2017FIT in NYC
A six month exhibit showcasing the influence of African American and African Designers in the fashion industry.
For more info:

Ohhh we can’t wait to dive into all of this! Get your rainbowsngold swag and join us as we parade through as many events as we can! You coming? Text, tweet, share and tag us!



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    This past season we created an event calendar for RainbowsNGold, a kawaii couture boutique. Lots of fun exploring JFashion with this team.

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