#RNG: Weaving Our Way in Kawaii History

RainbowsNGold is happily weaving its story into the history of Kawaii fashion. Looking at Tokyo today and diversity of its visitors is encouraging. Despite being a brand based in America, our outlook is unapologetically global. We’re thrilled to offer our friends, fans and entourage members, cute options that can be modified to fit a variety of the many “kei” in existence.


Gender inclusivity in our fashion goals is key. This is not a one-sided brand. We want all to enjoy it and are extremely excited that they are. We believe in heavy visibility across all orientations and that has been the core of our existence. It is also frightening to the status quo and to those who simply live to be exclusive. We are the very opposite. We are one of the most inclusive brands out there are and we are very vocal about it.


Kawaii fashion is an escape and we’ve created a space in that genre through the cloud literally and figuratively. When you really want to let go, you can find your piece in our Cloud99.9 concept. Bring your friends, grab a tshirt and be your best self with a supportive and inclusive circle. That’s why we’re here. We love hard and nothing will stop us!

Remember to snap a photo of your allegiance to inclusivity, love and laughter. Fan photos posted daily to our social media circles. We love to show off our friends and celebrate their lives!

-Team RNG


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  1. AABCE Cultural Exchange Team · July 28, 2016

    Reblogged this on AfricanAsianBusinessAndCulturalExchange and commented:
    Our friends at RainbowsNGold aim to be inclusive with their kawaii fashion. Such a diverse and open minded team of designers.


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