It’s Better on the Kawaii Side #HappyRebellion

Kawaii fashion has a history of uplifting many people to what we call Cloud99.9. It is extreme bliss. Since 1978, designers in Tokyo have been putting together looks and fashion that gives people an escape and a better place to be. This was part of RainbowsNGold #RNG’s inspiration for #RNGStyle and #HappyRebellion. Brands like Angelic Pretty, Baby the Stars Shine Bright as well as indie designers and those on Taobao cater to these Cloud 9 experiences with outstanding coordinates to wear in these extra fantastic universes that Lolita and JFashionistas are often forced to create for themselves. These environments are nurturing and feed the enlightened spirit’s need for something better.


A Kawaii Mess ūüėČ #MessyBoots

While these places and spaces are not perfect, those that are well-attended and moderated give way to some pretty outstanding events and opportunities. From Tea Meet-ups to Conferences Kawaii-ites everywhere have options. For many years it was only Harajuku and iconic corners of Tokyo and all their shops where these feelings of Euphoria could manifest. Now, globally, these brands and stores have a cult following that has forced them to be not just inclusive but expansive in their reach by opening pop-up shoppes in cities like New York and Los Angeles. Even many parts of Paris and Prague’s JFashion scenes are as bright and as exciting as Akhihabara. But also take a look at Sugar Coated, a really¬†fantastic documentary showing the benefits of believing and participating in this fashion.

We encourage anyone that just needs to get away from any type of discomfort in their reality to embrace the Kawaii Side of Life. It is definitely one of the highest forms of escape that beats virtual reality…because it is reality. Finally, you can dance with your favourite bears, eat cake all day if you want and dress up in the loudest, most exciting clothes you’ve ever imagined. The kawaii world is yours and RainbowsNGold is happy to usher you into it. Be you man or woman, adult or child, the Kawaii Life is waiting for you. Come on in! Grab one of our tees and get started with a subscription to our blog and social media pages. We’re bringing you something and someone new everyday. We’re here for you!


Life is always right with Kim Chi around! #RNG member Josh knows!



Thank you Kim Chi for being an inspiration!



-RNG Entourage


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