Solutions to Solitude Through Community



We Are Orlando! We stand in solidarity with all who are recovering from this tragedy.

It’s not that we avoid politics or believe the world is truly an amazing place. It’s not. It’s bad and that’s why we jump feet first into the most beautiful and captivating scenes of serenity through our Kawaii Culture. There are plenty of articles, discussions and dialogue about the Orlando Massacre. Few seem to touch on solutions such as self-care, community and friendship.

Not long ago we received some email from young people literally hiding their orientation from their parents. In a Periscope chat with one of the Queens we saw numerous people desperate for solutions on how to come out to their parents. Then there were those who just don’t have a community to be a part of. This was certainly challenging to encounter. We do not have guaranteed solutions but here’s what’s worked for many on our team who have dealt with the same issues.


We Care and We are Concerned

Online Communities
There are lots of LGBTQIA groups that congregate online. If you have access to a computer or library, do your research and find those that can guide you to places you can safely visit in person. No one should have to know what your orientation is if you don’t want them to. LGBTQIA Pride does not always equate to being public about your orientation. It’s about having the right to do so if you wish. Who you chose to love is no one’s business. At the same time you should never be pressured to feel ashamed if you wish to talk and share about your orientation and life. Reach out to orgs like GLAAD who have access to specific community focused groups that can help you be at ease.

Social Clubs and Organisations
Again, GLAAD and others provide in-person social and mingling opportunities for large and or small groups. It’s not about trying to hook-up and be in a relationship but instead networking and making additional family that supports you. And yes, who knows, you may find your soul-mate in the process.

LGBTQIA Inclusive Religious Centers
These places are going to know first hand how to protect you and keep you safe. Just because one is not in your area doesn’t mean you can’t reach out to one, two or three states over. Just be sure to reach out and get on their newsletter list, mailing list or anything they provide to keep you in touch with people who can understand your situation.


Check out for FB profies to show your support for genderless love.

If you are underage and living at home, sharing a computer in a place you don’t feel safe there are still options. You can go somewhere (local library and community centers) to make actual phone calls to people. If your parents are watching your every move, you need to let someone know because you shouldn’t feel pressured like that and holding in your emotions. Of all things, do not keep this to yourself if you do not want to do so. You have the right to speak. We know it’s not easy but keep yourself safe by contacting places that have your best interest at heart no matter what your religion, ethnic background or communities say.

Try this list of resources to help you or those you know in need. Also consider The Trevor Project.


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