Put Some Drag In Your Life!

To say we love Drag Queens would be a lie, we’re actually obsessed with them. We hang out with them, snap photos, spoon feed them cake (that’s always snapshot worthy) and coincidentally live nearby. Our life is filled with Drag Art and thankfully the ones we know are welcoming and loving about our admiration.


RainbowsNGold #RNG with Bob the Drag Queen at the Heretic, Atlanta GA 2016

Naturally upon finding out that Bob the Drag Queen was coming to town we rushed to be there with hugs and gifts in tow. In New York, our lovely sister Naomi T. was all about showing Bianca Del Rio what real a superfan looks like…upon hearing Naomi’s cries of admiration Bianca came over and returned the love. It was majestic to say the least.

Locally we’ve had the honour of adoring Evah Destruction, The House of Brooks, Phoenix of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 2, Tyler Brooke Davis, House of Dupree, Mychelle LaCroix and a number of ultra talented royalty of which we can rarely get enough. Atlanta is truly a city of spectacular drag artists and we respect them all and the establishments that bring them including organisations like Legendary Children and the Antoinette Marketing Group with their amazing pageants.


Put your mouse here and click to get some of this.

Coming Up Next in ATL: Kim Chi at the Heretic this week. It’s very exciting and we’re a little beside ourselves just hoping we can handle it all. Throughout the summer a number of artists will be coming through town at various venues to “twirl” and entertain. We’re grateful for RuPaul’s Drag Race shedding light on and giving a voice to this outstanding art. We’re thrilled that it is encouraging our fellow dedicated fans to schedule drag shows into their weekly routine.

Josh and Kim Chi

Our BFF Josh is all about supporting royalty. He has every Queen’s shirt. Here he is in Kim Chi’s… He’s so loyal!

Get your superfan gear, dress up and show up to support your favourite local artist in addition to those you adore on TV. Make it a holiday vacation. Sometimes ya gotta travel for a good show. And if you’re in Atlanta, we’ll see YOU on the front row!



RainbowsNGold #RNG at  Bob the Drag Queen Partying at The Heretic Atlanta GA 2016


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