The Gift of RNG


Gift giving puts us on Cloud 9! Cloud 99.9 – it’s extreme bliss!

People who know us are aware of our gift giving game, it’s crazy! Well…actually it’s an addiction. We love to give our friends presents. Sometimes it’s a kawaii card, other times it’s a freshly baked cake; whatever it is the goal is to make our friends feel absolutely great! As International Lolita Day approaches it’s a fine excuse to give out items that please…like RNG tees!

Looking for kawaii gifts for the JFashionistas in your life? Try a road trip to Shop Kawaii in Pittsburgh: Here’s a great review from a fan:

In the coming months we’ll be delivering #RNGstyle swag to many of our favourite people on the planet. We’re really happy that dear Dymond, the #VegasBarbie adorned hers of recent. We’re still on Cloud99.9 that #BobTheDragQueen wore his on the plane ride home! Hello! And the RNG reign isn’t over as we start up parties that lead into ILD.


Dymond Onasis  Vegas Barbie – award winning entertainer in Las Vegas

Giving is a big part of Kawaii culture. We noticed that of recent many great artists give a lot of themselves as well. The late musician Prince (still hurts to say late – Universe why so soon?) was a big philanthropist. The number of charities he reportedly gave to as well as random acts of kindness unbeknown to the recipients is said to be in the thousands. And if you look closely, you’d think Prince was an EGL Kawaii-ite too. Did ya see his outfits? His were the most elegant and intricate purple and pink coordinates for days! That’s one of the cool things about pop culture at its height. It’s really bold and incredibly bright with loud eye-catching colours every season. In some ways Kawaii culture lives on for ages, it evolves into new shapes and new sounds but the bold, bright and in some cases dark but captivating colour schemes keep a generation of the happily rebellious alive.


RNG entourage member, AA, PROUDLY sports a gift from the legendary icon Monica Van Pelt and beloved members at Lips Atlanta. Rhinestone ring custom made by Elea Atlanta

As we jump into summer next month, think about how you want to look and feel. We’ll walk with you in the world of kawaii-elegance, JFashion fun and more using #RNGStyle. Our summer top 10 will be influenced by you, the fans. Send us photos of your favourite coordinates. Tag us, tweet us and show us how your summer fashion combines your love for Japanese street fashion with your own unique style. In the meantime, we’ll be wrapping presents. Shoutout to LovelyLor on her gifts to fans in the form of amazing videos like ILD 2015. Let’s make ILD 2016 just as nice, feel inspired!

#HappyRebellion is in session
-RNG Entourage


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