Kawaii Queens are a Dream: #RnG on Location

bob Kisses

Bob was sweet enough to give Josh a kiss on the forehead! #FansLoveBob

Let it be known…#RnG gets around! We’re not ones to sit down and wait for things to happen. We create the party and provide the swag for a true entourage experience. In the middle of our galavants, behold the numerous kawaii queens we’ve encountered. That’s right, kawaii drag queens…always “royals” to us. When we think of Kawaii drag, names like Evah Destruction and Kim Chi come to mind. These are entertainers who really know how to put the cute in cool. Not only are their performances professional and polished, they are also the epitome of the Japanese Street Fashion inspired lifestyle with their amazing coordinates, accessories and of course…bows 🙂

Evah Doll

Evah performing at Burkhart’s in Atlanta, Georgia – photo courtesy ‘Andye Superfan’

Of late, many royals have been off to DragCon, participating in pageants and living the life of a performer. It was awesome to watch it all unfold not only online but LIVE and in person. We attended the Miss Gay USofA pageant, Rosebud with Bob the Drag Queen both presented by Legendary Children and have already got our VIP spots for Kim Chi’s arrival next month at The Heretic. Being a part of this nonstop action is what partying with #RnG is all about. We were there to share the love and to cheer on the stars. Dressed in our Kawaii best, we hugged up alongside these great entertainers for a night of laughs and photos for days. Wearing the clothes is one thing but taking it to the next level of love with the entertainers is the essence of our being, our true heart and soul. They make us infinitely happy.


bob and friends

Hanging out with Bob the Drag Queen

Aria1 (2)

Aria, queen of voices crowned at Miss Gay UsOfA! #LoveHer!

The parties are never limited to Atlanta. Our entourage is expanding and in Florida a dear friend of ours went to the Marco Marco fashion show. Here’s the video.

Another friend of ours spent time with some of the cool Prince fans to relish in the days of his good concerts, bookmarking memories of hanging out at his after party and of course taking a moment to meetup with fellow fans. Even the venue was supportive of this great musician. Their menu spoke volumes with his symbol front and center.

Prince on the menu

Prince tributes on the menu – now that’s class! Location: Drink KVegas

We had a busy month loving and supporting stars and partying hard decked out in our #RnG swag and kawaii coordinates. We’re already hyper and happy about the upcoming kawaii adventures with the cutest queens. We’re meeting with make-up artists, stylists and other inspirational icons in the entertainment industry to hear their views, peek at their event calendars and continue this party train with kawaii themes in tow. Join us! Happy Rebellion is in session!

Bob and pals

Josh C of #RnG and friends with Bob the DragQueen


-#RnG Entourage


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