#RnG Front Row at Bellydance Fashion Week

The 2016 Spring and Summer Fashion Season is upon us. All of those cool styles we were drooling over in the winter are now ready-to-wear and in retail stores. Various dance industries also dive deep into fashion and go hard just like top designers in Paris, Milan and Tokyo. Right here in Atlanta there’s even a Bellydance fashion week! This concept was the brainchild of one of our very own entourage members and featured two of the industry’s praised designers in Raqs Couture; MissBellydance.com and Eshta Amar. Members of Atlanta Fusion Bellydance and MBD helped produce the event featuring top stars in the city’s bellydance community.

Karma K1

RNG was happy to be invited to Bellydance Fashion Week featuring top dancers and designers in Raqs Sharqi/Bellydance. They know how to party. Featured here: Karma Karmalita

MissBellydance specialised in ready-to-wear off the runway sets for dancers of all shapes and sizes. Ironically many in our own entourage have collaborated with this brand for years on celebrating cultural arts and spreading global awareness of cultural fashion in dance. Bellydance or Raqs Sharqi is an art that has a great historical background. This event displayed that with dynamic, colourful and exciting outfits that lifted our spirits to Cloud 99.9! We were even able to pair up one of our own t-shirts with their cool lace skirts and casual wear. Our lady Jenny was also on site in our “Messy Boots” t-shirt raq’n out from dawn til dusk! She’s a real #RnG trooper!




Our entourage member Aya also specialises in the art of Raqs Sharqi and was one of those picked to teach a class during Bellydance Fashion Week. Aya is a cheerful person who keeps us on Cloud99.9


The fashion week included a beautiful desfile de moda and many of our entourage members came out to support the event. We’re looking forward to extending our presence in the raqs world in the coming months with dancers like Andrus Ramir at Essence of Bellydance. Gotta come join us as that’s where the cool kids be. Come ready to rock and raqs with your swag on at the haflas/parties. Party on RnG, #PARTY and Hafla ON!

-RnG Entourage


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