Jasmine Masters All For Youth Tour


From Jasmine Masters FB

One of our RNG members is excited about the upcoming Youth Tour. “Where was this when I was growing up?” My face was plastered to the window of my parents’ car as we drove past one of the famous night clubs in town. This particular club was around the corner from our apartment and was said to be one of the most infamous on the east coast where shows left fans breathless. Far too young to do more than watch Boy George and the Culture Club on television in their gorgeous clothes and energising lyrics. So, I got really sad as this colourful club became a distant vision in the rear window week after week. I’d go home and just imagine what it was like on the inside.

I always knew from a young age that I liked Drag Art. There were several young men who dressed up at night and walked around our little stretch of the downtown neighbourhood. We were an immigrant family and everyone knew each other where each lived. The trans community was alive and well on the next block as were those who performed in drag nights. It was very “usual” to see them dressed up as early 5 o’clock in the afternoon headed over to the hangout for a drink. Fortunate to grow up in several medium sized cities that were considered large to some, we got a great deal of artists and big names that were always in town. But I was never able to get inside the venue to see them perform. Musicians, comedians, singers, dancers, you name it…they came through literally and figuratively. But being under 18…and I’m talking six, seven years of age…if my parents weren’t going then neither was I. My parents loved to look at the club life from a distance. They rarely stepped into it unless someone big was in town. Needless to say, now that I am well over 21 I’m making up for lost time. I’m always there and was happy to have met Jasmine Masters at one of  my favourite places on the planet, Lips Atlanta.

Kids like me who want to be with their favourite drag artists and just can’t do it due to being underage are in abundance. I’ll never forget begging to be dropped off at the drag bar at age sixteen so I could hang around outside or at the cafe next door with the other underage kids, all of us eager for one of entertainers to come in and get some soda or sugar sweets. Hang around their haunts was all a kid could do unless you had a fake ID. I remember going home with lipstick smeared on my face from hugging and kissing icons who were around. I loved these stars and entertainers. If only there had been the Youth Tour back then I’d have probably gone to every show.

Jasmine Masters is saving the day with “All for Youth” tour. This will take place in multiple cities featuring top names from around the country (many and most being RuPaul Drag Race stars). She talks more about it here:

The way it works is there will be two shows. There’s a morning show and a nightclub show. It seems that the kids will get to attend the morning show which is all ages. Much like we did back in the day, kids will line up on the weekends just waiting to see these stars only this time they’ll get to get in! Kids are begging their parents to pleeeeeassse take them to the night clubs to see the entertainers. Thankfully there are many parents who are open to this idea and are inclusive. They support their child’s love for the art.

If you want to host or share community centers information with the stars you can do that by contacting Jasmine Masters, the main producer of the event: jasminemasterstour@gmail.com or @JasMasters76

Enjoy the tour! Follow Jasmine and #DragItOut!

-Team RNG


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