Draped in Classic Coordinates – the Comeback of a Classic Kei

Classic hand

Classic coordinates making a comeback, delicate lace, off white and ivory lace…

So the age old question is popping up again as classic lolita styles are becoming super popular again. What hairstyles define the Classic Lolita aesthetic? Back in the day, Classic Lolita, as learned from the Harajuku fashion gurus over the years, featured natural hair. That mean, a person who sported Classic Loli coordinates did it with the tresses with which they were born. There were no wigs and hair pieces added in. You wore what you had and made it work.

That leads us to another topic, ethnic hair and naturally curly styles in Lolita. While our RNG entourage doesn’t remember a lot of ethnicity outside of Japanese ladies in Lolita early on (1990 nor as far back as documents and writings from 1978), we are aware that Japanese were not the only ones wearing the substyle. There should be no question if you can wear your natural style in Classic Lolita no matter your ethnicity. That’s especially true now as classic-kei has taken on new elements, even wearing wigs is just fine. We may not be governors of the fashion but as an entourage that travels in a kawaii hive more or less we’re declaring natural hair and classic lolita wigs as acceptable elements of Lolita Fashion. Speaking of classic and cultured, can we take a minute to celebrate this amazing YouTuber and her homemade Classic #Lolita Coord? Omgah, she is fantastic!! Subscribe!!

Colourful wigs and hair in classic styles could perhaps classify as classic because the classic style is more about the cut and colours. Our early recollection of this kei was one of solid black and or white dresses with moderate poof. Prints and busy patterns were not part of the aesthetic. However, classic today does indeed include dotted solids and a lot more. Again it seems to be more about how one carries oneself and the amount of accessories you choose to wear that defines you as classic or not. You wouldn’t necessarily have classic OTT. Instead you may have an EGL coordinate that includes gloves, face veil with hat, pendants, textured tights and darker colours but with an excess in bustle and jabot. In many cases, huge wigs and accessories are what seem to draw the line between the two styles.

Classic Lolita is our humble beginning of the entire fashion with its demure and poised silhouette. Classic hair on Japanese Loli pioneers so to speak was worn down, in buns and dolly styles. This is the backbone of the aesthetic and was built upon by fashionistas and members of the fashion community. Designers took note and helped create coordinates that complimented it as well as adhering to their own foundation.

BunnyChristina Tumblr

BunnyChrystina on Tumblr has an excellent example of a Classic Lolita Coordinate. Follow  Bunny here!


Harajuku styles will come and go but those dedicated to each one are here to stay. Let’s keep all of them going from EGL and Classic to Dolly and Party Kei… Pick a wig and get your ticket to the next tea party, let’s keep our community going!

#Coordinate TheClassicComeback

-RNG Entourage



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