Cutsew Coordinates

As we continue to move into warmer months it’s crucial to stock up on cutsews and cute tees for coordinates. Short sleeve blouses are amazing for tea. But sometimes you just want to relax and still feel quite kawaii. Cutsews are the answer.

There are many different types of cutsews, some being high end couture. You can mix and match them with cute skirts and designer prints from your favourite Lolita and JFashion Brands including RNG’s kawaii collection. We’ll be showing you more of that in the coming months.

Sweet Cutsew
These types of tshirts include a little extra. They often have bows, ribbons and in some cases OTT elements that make them stand out. These are worn often by Sweet Lolitas and Pastel Goth trendsetters.


Angel Heart Cutsew by Bodyline – great price and very kawaii

Gothic and Rock Tees
These are more on the line of t-shirts. They include iconic brands like h.Naoto and CrownRose. Deep in colour, rich in magenta, they are top notch for wearing with layered black skirt and punk coordinates. It’s a great way to bring JFashion into the concert scenes and stay comfortable, preserving your more delicate blouses in case you decide to get a little crazy in the crowd.


h.Naoto !! πŸ™‚

Classic Tees and Slogan Wear
Be creative with your collection of tshirts that show off your own personal mantra. Much like MessyBoots, they give you the opportunity to create a coordinate that is unique to only you. With these you’ll want to wear accessories that enhance your personal brand. Great cutsews in this genre can also be found at fanplusfriend, Elegy and Sanrio.


Fanplusfriend blouses can be custom made to look and feel like cutsews

Collecting cutsews for coordinates is essential. There’s a time and place for them in travel, work, grocery store runs or even when you want to go walk the dog. You can keep kawaii all year long by adding a few to your wardrobe. If you’re wearing RNG be sure to let us know. We’d love to put you in our online cutsew show πŸ˜‰

-RNG Entourage


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