Coordinates for a Kawaii Spring

It’s Spring! We’re not wearing all those heavy clothes any more! Take it off…go ahead. Let’s shed a few layers. There are no Lolita rules that say we have to go full sleeves if you don’t want to. Oh you only have full sleeves and a closet full of dark colours? Don’t worry. We have a solution…

pastel bag

Pastel bags and pins can brighten up a coordinate from beginning to end…

Kuro Lolita in the Spring
Wearing black, being EGL and the like doesn’t meant you have to stay away from the Spring teas. Our suggestion is too find short sleeved blouses to wear with  your JSKs. Wear sheer black tights and lace gloves. Consider wearing bloomer shorts instead of full long dresses. Instead of a black wig, pin your hair up and put black hair accessories. You can look and feel cool while wearing Kuro.
OTT Bling
For those that are ready to shed the winter prints, same thing, invest in short sleeves. You can always throw a bolero over it on the cooler nights. Stock up on accessories. Spring is all about bright, cute and frilly things. Wristcuffs, cupcake rings and bright solid prints are an economical way to switch without having to invest in an entirely separate season closet.
Pastel blouses

Invest in comfortable pastel blouses

Budget Blown
You got excited and spent your whole JFashion budget on six coordinates? There’s no money left? If you have a white blouse switch it out for the dark one in your JSK. Wear it with the Kadona pants and drop the dark jacket. Be very creative and find things from your non Loli closet that are bright. Pair them with your darker JFashion components to brighten them up. Spring doesn’t mean you have to be in pastels. Sometimes it’s just about lifting off a few layers. Besides, it’ll be much cooler as the temps heat up.

Accessories are your friend!

Spring Coordinates are all about being creative. There are tons of Etsy stores and indie designers with amazing accessories that you can mix and match to create amazing ensembles for teas and meetups. If you’re a what some term a “brand whore” on a budget and have to have AP and BTSSB, etc. find out who is selling some of their stuff vs. stressing over purchasing entirely new items at full price. Make good use of Lolita sales on social media and try really hard to consider the entire world of JFashion beyond just two designers…though we must admit those AP and BTSSB are incredible. ::faints from kawaii prints::
pastel bottoms

Winter whites can work for spring as well…

We’re hoping to see you all out and about as our entourage makes the rounds around town. We’re eager to get into the season at cafes, cool spots and kawaii hangouts. Grab your bunny, your dolls, several friends and let’s go crazy.
-RNG Entourage

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