Sweet Samedi: Savoury Filled Weekends in Kawaii Cafes & Shoppes

There’s this thing about spending hours in a store filled with Kawaii delights. From Rilakumma dolls to Hello Kitty, it’s unreal…it’s…it’s UTOPIA! Ever entered a land so serene, so cool and so inviting that it’s painful to leave?! You feel a sense of awe upon entering and it draws you in like a siren on by the sea? Yeah…we know this feeling. Kawaii corners, cafes and cool shoppes are just like that.


Sweet Hut haul from AA’s Instagram


We’re so glad that our town and cities we visit are filled with this type of excitement. One of our favourite places to go is Sweet Hut in Doraville, a suburb of Atlanta. Not only is it pink and white, it’s got some of the best (if not addictive) food we’ve ever had. These snacks take the cake. You don’t just go in there for a little treat, you come out with a Sweet Hut haul. We had to get out of the way to let fellow fans march past with their big box of delights piled high in decorative packages. It was so perfect!

Our favourites are the savoury buns and cream filled treats. These are not small pastries but kawaii size dream like delights as big your face. The coffee is rich and flavourful, bubble tea is in abundance and the concoction list of cool things to sip on is so vast it covers an entire wall.


Wear your kawaii uniforms for every reason in the world…especially when enjoying sweet and savoury buns!

An afternoon in a kawaii cafe can’t be complete without a few hours in the kawaii corner. At several stops at the exits of various highways are entire communities filled with a number of kawaii shoppes. One of our favourites is located inside H-Mart. There’s a section dedicated to the cutest of the cute. Wall to wall Sanrio, San X, jewelry, dolls, keychains, lunch boxes and all of the doll delights we revel in day and night. A recent trip had one of our entourage members reeling over Rilakumma and Strawberry Milk. “Nights are nothing without my dolls,” -AliA

You can’t go wrong with a Saturday stroll stuffed with savoury goodness followed by a rolicking good time dancing around a kawaii corner to cool tunes with Hello Kitty, My Melody and their friends in tow. Ahh, it rarely gets better than this.

kawaii shoppes

-RNG entourage

Don’t forget to dress up in your cloud9 clothing. If you liked the Messy Boots, bop on over to this style and brand your cloud9 experience with a real 99.9 rating! 😉



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