Gaming in Atlanta’s Top Gaming Cafe

Gaming Cafes have a long history in Japanese pop culture. They are well-equipped and can be as basic as a coffee shop style corner with just games or a Manga cafe where one can stay up and read all night in bed. The fun is endless and quite creative. So, when Atlanta’s Persian Community relocated leaving the former Qanoon empty, Battle and Brew slipped right in creating another great spot for Atlanta gamers.

Battle and Brew 1

Located in the heart of Sandy Springs

Battle and Brew offers an amazing array of fun game nights and things to do. During one of the trivia nights, Lolitas from the Atlanta JFashion community gathered in coordinates to play games, answer questions and consume lofty amounts of really delicious treats. The menu at B&B is pretty cool. The great thing is you do not have to wait for an event, they’ve got tons of things going on all the time. You can walk in and have a blast. And, as mentioned on their Facebook page, you can now go there as early as 8am for coffee and breakfast. Or stay all evening for nosh and brew… heck, Cloud9 all day long!

Battle and Brew Menu1

Other great shoppes are located in Duluth and are a bit smaller but fun nonetheless. The gaming culture, internet cafes and much more are alive and well in what has been named the largest Japanese community in the southeast. There are also Korean establishments, Vietnamese Pho shoppes and much more in the area. Atlanta and its surrounding neighbourhoods truly have it all. There’s even Japan Fest!

We want to hear from you! Where do you go for gaming! You’ll find us at Battle and Brew, local festivals in Duluth for cultural games, drumming and other locations in our full kawaii gear and #Cloud99Point9 tshirts. Let us know when you’re going. We’ll make a day of it!


-Team RNG


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