Soaking up the Sweet and Savoury: RNG Sugar Raid

cookies 2

Loving Day cookies

Sugar, spice and everything nice! That’s what we’re after. We actually found a lot of it on recent excursions to tea shoppes, cookie palaces and the land of cupcakes OH MY! We took our love of tea parties to the next level by going on a gastronomical sugar hoard one weekend. We’d do it every weekend but…yeah, there’s some thing called moderation? Basically, we know better than to get out of control with anything especially our love for sugar, royals/drag queens and JFashion.

But wow, there are so many cool shoppes we’ve been visiting with the entourage in tow. One of first stops was The Cookie Studio. Located just west of Pharr road in quiet part of Atlanta, this shop has an enormous patio with a quaint indoor eating area. The menu is packed with breakfast and brunch items like bagels, scones, paninis and even macaroni and cheese. Their cookie game is obviously strong. We tried about 20 different kinds of cookies. Our top favourites were the Lemon Snaps and the Key Lime cookie. Both had great flavour. Each cookie is about $2 each and a pack of cookies (Chocolate Shortbread and Lemon Snaps) run around $8 for at least 10. There’s also a number of soups, specialty cheeses and Sanpelligrino for L’eau minerale fanatics like us.


You can stock up on cookies at The Cookie Studio!

Our next stop was CamiCakes in midtown. While they are a well established place having been here many years, this was the first time in our busy schedule we got a chance to actually go there and sit down. Ohhhh we went to town on those cupcakes. Again, more keylime for us! Also, lemon, salted caramel, almond cherry chocolate, strawberry and tons more. One of our members took some home and it took over a week to finish them. These cupcakes were huge and topped high with icing. One fun and convenient way to consume cupcakes is to break off the bottom and put it on top, scoop the cake together like a sandwich (preferably in the cupcake paper) and consume! This allows you to enjoy the cake and the frosting at the same time.


Cami Cakes is Cupcake Heaven!

A week or two later we went over to Sweet Hut for Lunar New Year. That was a treat. In their bakery, you can find a ton of goodies like bread for tea toast and savoury meat filled buns. This is a kawaii pink bakery we’ll certainly return to and stock up on favourites. Best to go early because it gets really crowded super fast…especially on cultural holidays. The best part may have also been the fun lions and dragons we encountered on the way. Maybe we should feed them savoury buns in addition to red envelopes in the future. Picture that!


We went a ton of other places this month including Eclipse de Luna and our old haunt Rusan’s. In fact, February has been a food filled frolick and we wouldn’t have had it any other way. Kawaii life is about going to extremes to have a good time and we are certainly living up to that goal. Join us in the future. Take the #RNG challenge and make Kawaii life 3D. You should start with a tee!


-Team RNG


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  1. AABCE Cultural Exchange Team · March 4, 2016

    Reblogged this on My Macarons AreAQs and commented:
    Some of us got the opportunity to spend Lunar New Year with the RNG entourage including AA and CC who led the event around Atlanta that Sunday. Ali of course spent her time with Austin. We all had a good time in our own way and found new things to do every week. New habits filled with fun are fantastic!


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