Keeping the Curves in Couture

It is said that nearly two-thirds of women in the United States are considered plus size. So why are we still being bombarded with expectations of hiding the curves as if there’s something wrong with having a full set of hips? Probably because we’ve been engineered to believe that curves equates unhealthy. That is far from truth, a real ugly misnomer that has ruined the lives and mental states of women for far too long. Icons like Marilyn Monroe had curves and by today’s standards would be plus size though we never really see her that way. We at RNG have real issues with those terms and classifications. Isn’t there a better way? If the majority of women in the USA are considered plus size, should American retailers relabel plus size “regular?”

Thankfully there are plenty of fashion writers and designers out there who are praising and making couture and fashion that flatters all women. We’ve touched on brands like Torrid who make some pretty cute and all out Kawaii styles available to many. Another leader in elevating women for whom they are vs. what a standard says they should be is Susan Moses. She is the author of The Art of Dressing Curves. The book goes beyond dresses, skirts and blouses. It dives deep into foundations, hair and make-up tips. This is so welcomed and a relief.

Susan Moses

Follow Susan Moses on Twitter for updates and cool things on couture for curves

Ever been to a fashion expo and felt completely left out because they just do not have your size or aren’t even featuring a diverse range of models? How about checking out The Style Symposium next week in North Carolina. This event promises to empower attendees, engage them with activities and offer customized style advice from top leaders in the curvy community. Finally, something inclusive! Yay!


On the entertainment front, it’s difficult to find anyone that highlights plus size women in a non-comical way. Thankfuly, Phat Tuesdays at The Jungle hosted by Shavonna Bisforbarbie Brooks features a variety of female impersonators who welcome their bodies and flaunt their curves in Haute Couture with finesse. Their first show was this past Tuesday and featured several of Atlanta’s top talent in the art of Drag including Katy Cakes who does an incredible Anna Nicole Smith presentation weekly at Lips Atlanta. Drag in Atlanta is rarely comical. It’s not even campy, it’s a GLAM FEST! The ladies actually pay true respect to women. They represent a variety of ethnic groups and body types. They can sashay in the sweetest of couture and fashion. Few cities compare in our opinion to the drag of ATL. Congrats to the Phat Tuesday show for showing the city that size has very little to do with how well you can werk it. These icons were phenomenal!


Katy Cakes performs in an elegant coat, stellar hair and jewelry. #StyledPerfectly

RNG’s entourage is comprised of diverse genders and ethnic groups. We appreciate each other’s contributions and cultural differences, always learning and finding ways to embrace the positive of every side. In our love for fashion we know the angst of finding the right size because some of us are petit/e super slim and others tall and full figured. Given that the world is diverse, it’s time to embrace brands that serve an entire community with  but respect. Support your cultured brands and those that praise beauty in every form. When we don’t we tend to become a part of the problem.




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