7th Annual Japanese Street Fashion (Lolita) High Tea


Having a blast before Tea Time!

So…what did we think? We thought it was great! This was a two-day event that took place in Roswell, GA just minutes from Atlanta. The location was the Roswell River Landing, a new facility with a gorgeous view of the river plus seating and a large deck. It’s heavily wooded but open enough to allow in natural light. This two story facility has an outstanding foyer that can be turned into a dream come true. The upstairs is spacious with plenty of room to set up an additional party and meeting space.


Lady Andrea and her team organised a very diverse fashion show

Day One: On the first day of the tea party, guests enjoyed a variety of fun activities like shopping, a fashion show and games. There were lots of the southeast’s Japanese Fashion Community members decked out to the nines in their coordinates that they carefully picked just for this occasion. From the Kuro Lolitas in their amazing black to the OTT and Kadona/Ouji inspired sets, everyone looked absolutely amazing! Games went well into the night as it was a full on frolic of fun for everyone. RNG’s entourage rep was there on Saturday night and won one of the many games played.



Having a little tea chat…

Day Two was completely dedicated to the tea. Guests were invited to arrive and get registered at 1pm. RNG entourage arrived at 1:30p and got seated quickly after hugs and fluffing up petticoats in the parking lot. We got a great table with familiar faces and long time tea party pals who’ve been involved in Lolita fashion for over 5 years. After admiring each other’s dresses we took a few pictures on the patio before we got started. The wonderful photographer came out and snapped a few candids as well.


The tea started just a little after 2pm with our first course being vegan and savoury scones. Raspberry, Ham and Cheese, Chive and other flavours were available alongside clotted creme, jam and an abundance of assorted teas from which to pick. One of the great things about this tea party were having actual tea cups. There was no skimping, it was all china and in pots with the appropriate French decor to match the theme of “Memories of Paris.” Most people in the room wore some symbols of Paris i.e. Fleur-de-lis, La Tour Eiffel.


Beautiful place settings and decor throughout the venue!

Our second course included small open face toasts with savoury spreads, quiche tarts, salmon and cream cheese plus fresh fruit like strawberries, kiwi and citrus. This was followed by the dessert course of eclaires, cookies, macarons francaises, les madeleines, fine chocolates and baked sugar cookies dusted with soft powered sugar. Between the pots of tea we swilled and the food, we soon were beyond satisfied. One might think it’s impossible to be satisfied by a tea but it is indeed possible.

20160131-_RS_7438After the dessert course we had door prizes. They ranged from Japanese candies to beautiful parasols donated by the Lolita Collective (an on-site vendor in the shopping area). There were tons of prizes and in some cases, whole tables won items. Our RNG crew won sushi candies, parasols and bunny stickers. These were really cute kawaii treats that are totally useful in our daily kawaii lives.

20160131-_RS_7586Post dessert, picture time!! The photographer brought his drone and did some really cool shots of the Lolitas. In various poses and angles, the entire fashion group was captured in their finest of frocks showcasing frills and dainty details. Everyone looked stunning and the pictures look outstanding. After 30 minutes of posing and prancing around we all sat, chatted, played on the patio, took more selfies and group shots and shopped! The Lolita Collective had a ton of great items including purses, rings, headbows, parasols, blouses, petticoats and more. They were reasonably priced and plentiful!


This is only a portion of the vendors’ space…so much to buy at great prices!

Of all the tea parties hosted by this community this was certainly one of the best. We all had such a good time and bonded very well over a great set of treats and good eats! We’re totally looking forward to more tea outings and opportunities to spend time together in the fashion we love best!

-Team RNG


Gargantuan thanks to Andrea, Veruca and all those involved from out of state. Great representation from Florida, North Carolina and beyond. Let’s do that again really soon! #MoreTeaPlease!



  1. Andrea Nicole Baker · February 6, 2016

    So happy you had a good time! Lots of work but well worth it when you see all the smiling faces. We’re already at work planning next year’s event! Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • rainbowsngold · February 6, 2016

      Lolitas all around had smiles on their faces, practically glowing. It was beyond fun for us. Thank You Andrea! We’ll see ya around..triple petticoats and all!😄🎀


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