Celebrating Androgyny

To be or not to be Androgynous… it’s not really a question but something that just rather develops. The beloved David Bowie was labeled as such and so are others who are innovative and non-conforming to the A & Bs of life. Our entourage finds relief in embracing both male and female traits. While many of us look femme or strictly male it’s best never to assume what we are or anyone else but just embrace humanity. It’s all about respect. With that said, let’s dive into two icons in the UK and Japan that have highlighted and uplifted androgynous, genderfluid aesthetics. This has certainly helped many who are embracing other terms that relieve us of being put into one box. Heaven bless them both. We totally appreciate Joseph Harwood of Perfect Androgyny and Mana of Moi-Meme-Moitie.

Joseph Harwood is loved by his fans for amazing make-up tutorials and giving tips on how to really step-up your visual game. Joey has tshirts and lots of info on his site. The videos and pictures below are what have drawn so many to the world of JH. Joey did a lot of work with Perfect Androgny. Have a look at the brand’s video.

Now, on to the looks. Let’s see Joey’s Ruby Rose inspired transformation. Here you get not just a video but details on brushes and products used to acheive the look. Enjoy!

And like a haute couture runway, these looks took it to another level with Perfect Androgeny 2. Check out Joey’s look at the end of the clip. Spectacular!

Joey speaks…

In JFashion, genderfluidity is as common as wearing a petticoat and frequenting tea parties. One of the icons in the art of embracing male and female personas is Mana. Creator of Moi-Meme-Moitie, the clothing and features on this beautiful human are so flawless. Take a look at the shop and a short interview.


And these great looks…a true legend in embracing and sharing the idea of you being you!

Thanks for taking a moment to look at Androgyny and a genderfluid way of life. This is just the start as our entourage increases and expands, enlightening those that cross our path with a new way of looking at the art of living. No matter what is going on, find a way to enjoy the real you, embrace those who practice loving and live to enjoy everything. Do not be held down by limitations.

-The RNG Entourage


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