Food for Fun & JFashionistas

“Food glorious food…” it’s a song you know! And Kawaii life is filled with tasty treats. As discussed on Facebook and eluded to on Twitter, throwing tea parties and spending time with friends over a fun foodie weekends is a major part of our Kawaii culture. There are even full coordinates dedicated to chocolate, donuts, macarons and sugar541985_3516666647683_1254324703_n.jpg

White Chocolate-Pear Bread Pudding w/ Black Walnut Gelato atop Pomegranate Reduction is a specialty of this week’s RNG foodie guru.

Fun games and activities like swimming and playing poolside mermaid often keep a Loli lifestyler in good health. But after those wonderful workouts we’re ready to eat…and we do mean a good ol’ fashion buffet of beautiful bounty. This foodie friday is dedicated to our favourite cuisiner, the awesome Chef Rodney LoveJones. His food has presidential accolades as well as praise from many others. He is one for whom to keep your egg timer ticking.


This week we shared his outstanding brussel sprouts dish. It’s called brussel sprout hash. We’re all about elegant and healthy foods and this certainly fits our friday palate. Other amazing dishes include Amaretto Pound Cake, Sweet Potato Cheesecake, Haute ‘Chok-Lit’ quad Layer Cake and Pecan Tarts. Can we have all of this? That alone is perfect for our kawaii corner! While we go hang around the kitchen licking spoons we’d love to know what you’re cooking this week! Send us a tweet! And show the chef some love! Follow Chef LoveJones at @AnEpecurianLove.

LoveJones Portrait.jpg#KeepItSweet!

-RNG Entourage

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