RNG Motivation – Love Beyond Gender, Be You, Stay Excited!



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The motivation and move to embrace an outstanding future is in full force. Not a moment shall be wasted as we wander joyfully through life on Cloud 9, picking up perfectly loving people along the way. We’re a cheerful bunch of superfanatics who are not focused on gender but get confronted with it continuously by people who live in a world that seems pretty black and white. We’re grateful that our world is colourful, bright and exciting plus recognises more than two genders on this planet. Sad part is some can’t fathom the idea of anything past the binary spectrum they learned in whatever space they grew up in. Too many make it their goal to convince those around them that the world is only as they see it. Some feel determined to tell the rest of the world we should adopt a binary way of thinking because in their minds this is what is practiced by the majority on the planet. Haahahaha!! ROTFL for f*cking real. Are you kidding us? Puleeezzeee… We’re much too diverse for that. Black and white is for Alice In Wonderland’s checkerboard floors not for a life filled with joy and thrills. If black and white is considered sane then let us forever be considered crazy.



We gladly stand in our genderplus existence where labels are left not at the front door but far away. You can’t even get over here if you’re thinking in terms of just “he” and “she.” Everything we do is about celebrating and being excited, taking excitement to levels far beyond earth. We literally live on Cloud 9, that’s where much of our property sits and we’re forever decorating our homes with the “joys of enjoying” the beautiful people in our lives. This is not always welcomed and we’re aware that our kind of admiration and outreach isn’t understandable to some nor was it meant to be. If you “get it,” good! We exist with no agenda to prove ourselves or push someone to believe in anything. We merely hope for common courtesies and respect.


Queer Life
This term has thankfully become an umbrella for many in our entourage who feel like the term gay doesn’t encompass all that they are on the gender and orientation spectrum. We have plenty of same sex couples, those that identify as straight, allies, lesbian, gay, trans, intersex and asexual. For our Queer sweethearts that can mean a number of things left undefined and in some cases not understandable to many …especially if one is hell bent on seeing things as black and white. A very socially active member of our team self-identifies as queer in that their attractions and partners in life have all been gay men despite the self-identifier’s “femme” features which make it hard for those who only think in binary dimensions to understand how on earth such unions can exist. “But you look like a girl…and gay guys don’t like girls,” they often hear. “Maybe the ones you know, but we’re aware of many who do,” is often the reply. Loving a “femme” featured individual doesn’t make a gay man any less gay. And a shout out to those who identify as gay men but openly love and have affection for those who identify as women in their lives. The best part about this is that these labels and classifications have no real precedence in our world. We don’t squirm or question if a lesbian couple has a husband nestled in their family. It’s not a shock if a man and his boyfriend keep a wife. Who cares?! Is caring about that actually a thing? Is it a major issue? If one identifies as a gay man, they can’t be attracted to a female? Ever!? It’s not allowed?

Perhaps that’s why the term queer is so important to us beyond a textbook definition. This isn’t about some of us being Pansexual. We’re also not trying to parade the idea of orgies; we’re simply asking others to be respectful to people who love outside “their personal traditional norms” and stop castigating or trying to take away a lesbian’s purple flag just because she enjoyed a kiss with a dear friend who identifies as male. If inter-orientation affection is an issue one wishes to address and fight about, may we suggest a slew of other things one may want to get upset about and try to destroy…like inequality, global and domestic terrorism, poverty and hunger in the third, second and first worlds?! Let’s erupt over some real issues vs. playing orientation authority. Kick up dust over injustice not a mixed-orientation kiss.

*This was rather refreshing to see…

We’re excited to love each other. It’s a thrill to shower people with gifts, glitter and …gold 😉 RNG exists to party. Our only goal is to have a ridiculously good time as often as possible. We’re never promised tomorrow so make the most of today and embrace as much good as you possibly can. The party train awaits, you’re either on it with love and respect or you’re off.



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