Sashay Your Way into 2016


The Fun part of the Future is Now!

Can’t stop thinking about Fashion? Neither can we. Let’s sashay into 2016 in a big bold and beautiful way. The saying, “Image is everything” has its place in the world and should be used in a diverse and inclusive way. There is no one route to do things and RNG is all about uplifting and chandeliering those by whom we are influenced.

Drag Dolls
The unique and beautifully intricate faces of the world’s top drag artists and royals are definitely a part of our aesthetic. Bright, bold and beautiful, these darlings dare to break stereotype these days. The bar on the state of their art has been raised and we’ve learned so much on how to elevate the soul through their fashion and physical design. You can change yourself to be what you want to see. This is key…be what you want to see. Let James Hicks lead the way.


Drag Dolls, Dames and Divas – Buy your copy here!

The Land of the Lolita and Uplifting Tokyo
Having nothing to do with Nabokov’s book, Lolita life embraces the opportunity to create a physical piece of perfection through the matching of clothing in a strategic way. Sure, the brands have it, they keep pace. But this kawaii world allows you to really go deep and find what suits you. Try the many different styles including shironuri, gyaru, sweet, classic and kawaii mixes that rely on accessories and a good attitude.

Jump into Genderless
For those of us who do not identify with the genders presented to us at birth, the world is changing and embracing you. Androgenous, unisex and genderneutral fashion is part of the mainstream. While we still have to search for it carefully the shoppes are there waiting with open arms on the world wide web. Though this is not an underground movement, most that value fashion for those who refuse to be boxed, contorted and fixed into one of two sexes can find their fashion haven in numerous online stores. Don’t feel obliged to pick just unisex clothing, if you feel led to lean masculine despite your female stamp at birth, explore that with men’s shoppes. Statutes in your life hindering you from doing this? Re-examine it. It’s time to honour how you feel and listen to yourself and your Higher Power where (and if) it applies.

Check out these great looks in paisley black and white featuring H&M clothing uploaded by Zeus Pro.

Long formed standards that have pushed us into accepting limited ways of living are losing their strength. Ride the wave into a new thought process that is inclusive…be it loving your favourite luxurious Lolita fashion, doting on the drag dolls or stroling through life without male and female labels. It’s your turn to live without limitations.



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