Celebrating Androgyny

To be or not to be Androgynous… it’s not really a question but something that just rather develops. The beloved David Bowie was labeled as such and so are others who are innovative and non-conforming to the A & Bs of life. Our entourage finds relief in embracing both male and female traits. While many of us look femme or strictly male it’s best never to assume what we are or anyone else but just embrace humanity. It’s all about respect. With that said, let’s dive into two icons in the UK and Japan that have highlighted and uplifted androgynous, genderfluid aesthetics. This has certainly helped many who are embracing other terms that relieve us of being put into one box. Heaven bless them both. We totally appreciate Joseph Harwood of Perfect Androgyny and Mana of Moi-Meme-Moitie.

Joseph Harwood is loved by his fans for amazing make-up tutorials and giving tips on how to really step-up your visual game. Joey has tshirts and lots of info on his site. The videos and pictures below are what have drawn so many to the world of JH. Joey did a lot of work with Perfect Androgny. Have a look at the brand’s video.

Now, on to the looks. Let’s see Joey’s Ruby Rose inspired transformation. Here you get not just a video but details on brushes and products used to acheive the look. Enjoy!

And like a haute couture runway, these looks took it to another level with Perfect Androgeny 2. Check out Joey’s look at the end of the clip. Spectacular!

Joey speaks…

In JFashion, genderfluidity is as common as wearing a petticoat and frequenting tea parties. One of the icons in the art of embracing male and female personas is Mana. Creator of Moi-Meme-Moitie, the clothing and features on this beautiful human are so flawless. Take a look at the shop and a short interview.


And these great looks…a true legend in embracing and sharing the idea of you being you!

Thanks for taking a moment to look at Androgyny and a genderfluid way of life. This is just the start as our entourage increases and expands, enlightening those that cross our path with a new way of looking at the art of living. No matter what is going on, find a way to enjoy the real you, embrace those who practice loving and live to enjoy everything. Do not be held down by limitations.

-The RNG Entourage


Food for Fun & JFashionistas

“Food glorious food…” it’s a song you know! And Kawaii life is filled with tasty treats. As discussed on Facebook and eluded to on Twitter, throwing tea parties and spending time with friends over a fun foodie weekends is a major part of our Kawaii culture. There are even full coordinates dedicated to chocolate, donuts, macarons and sugar541985_3516666647683_1254324703_n.jpg

White Chocolate-Pear Bread Pudding w/ Black Walnut Gelato atop Pomegranate Reduction is a specialty of this week’s RNG foodie guru.

Fun games and activities like swimming and playing poolside mermaid often keep a Loli lifestyler in good health. But after those wonderful workouts we’re ready to eat…and we do mean a good ol’ fashion buffet of beautiful bounty. This foodie friday is dedicated to our favourite cuisiner, the awesome Chef Rodney LoveJones. His food has presidential accolades as well as praise from many others. He is one for whom to keep your egg timer ticking.


This week we shared his outstanding brussel sprouts dish. It’s called brussel sprout hash. We’re all about elegant and healthy foods and this certainly fits our friday palate. Other amazing dishes include Amaretto Pound Cake, Sweet Potato Cheesecake, Haute ‘Chok-Lit’ quad Layer Cake and Pecan Tarts. Can we have all of this? That alone is perfect for our kawaii corner! While we go hang around the kitchen licking spoons we’d love to know what you’re cooking this week! Send us a tweet! And show the chef some love! Follow Chef LoveJones at @AnEpecurianLove.

LoveJones Portrait.jpg#KeepItSweet!

-RNG Entourage

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RNG Motivation – Love Beyond Gender, Be You, Stay Excited!



Check out firstcovers.com for FB profies to show your support for genderless love.

The motivation and move to embrace an outstanding future is in full force. Not a moment shall be wasted as we wander joyfully through life on Cloud 9, picking up perfectly loving people along the way. We’re a cheerful bunch of superfanatics who are not focused on gender but get confronted with it continuously by people who live in a world that seems pretty black and white. We’re grateful that our world is colourful, bright and exciting plus recognises more than two genders on this planet. Sad part is some can’t fathom the idea of anything past the binary spectrum they learned in whatever space they grew up in. Too many make it their goal to convince those around them that the world is only as they see it. Some feel determined to tell the rest of the world we should adopt a binary way of thinking because in their minds this is what is practiced by the majority on the planet. Haahahaha!! ROTFL for f*cking real. Are you kidding us? Puleeezzeee… We’re much too diverse for that. Black and white is for Alice In Wonderland’s checkerboard floors not for a life filled with joy and thrills. If black and white is considered sane then let us forever be considered crazy.



We gladly stand in our genderplus existence where labels are left not at the front door but far away. You can’t even get over here if you’re thinking in terms of just “he” and “she.” Everything we do is about celebrating and being excited, taking excitement to levels far beyond earth. We literally live on Cloud 9, that’s where much of our property sits and we’re forever decorating our homes with the “joys of enjoying” the beautiful people in our lives. This is not always welcomed and we’re aware that our kind of admiration and outreach isn’t understandable to some nor was it meant to be. If you “get it,” good! We exist with no agenda to prove ourselves or push someone to believe in anything. We merely hope for common courtesies and respect.


Queer Life
This term has thankfully become an umbrella for many in our entourage who feel like the term gay doesn’t encompass all that they are on the gender and orientation spectrum. We have plenty of same sex couples, those that identify as straight, allies, lesbian, gay, trans, intersex and asexual. For our Queer sweethearts that can mean a number of things left undefined and in some cases not understandable to many …especially if one is hell bent on seeing things as black and white. A very socially active member of our team self-identifies as queer in that their attractions and partners in life have all been gay men despite the self-identifier’s “femme” features which make it hard for those who only think in binary dimensions to understand how on earth such unions can exist. “But you look like a girl…and gay guys don’t like girls,” they often hear. “Maybe the ones you know, but we’re aware of many who do,” is often the reply. Loving a “femme” featured individual doesn’t make a gay man any less gay. And a shout out to those who identify as gay men but openly love and have affection for those who identify as women in their lives. The best part about this is that these labels and classifications have no real precedence in our world. We don’t squirm or question if a lesbian couple has a husband nestled in their family. It’s not a shock if a man and his boyfriend keep a wife. Who cares?! Is caring about that actually a thing? Is it a major issue? If one identifies as a gay man, they can’t be attracted to a female? Ever!? It’s not allowed?

Perhaps that’s why the term queer is so important to us beyond a textbook definition. This isn’t about some of us being Pansexual. We’re also not trying to parade the idea of orgies; we’re simply asking others to be respectful to people who love outside “their personal traditional norms” and stop castigating or trying to take away a lesbian’s purple flag just because she enjoyed a kiss with a dear friend who identifies as male. If inter-orientation affection is an issue one wishes to address and fight about, may we suggest a slew of other things one may want to get upset about and try to destroy…like inequality, global and domestic terrorism, poverty and hunger in the third, second and first worlds?! Let’s erupt over some real issues vs. playing orientation authority. Kick up dust over injustice not a mixed-orientation kiss.

*This was rather refreshing to see…

We’re excited to love each other. It’s a thrill to shower people with gifts, glitter and …gold 😉 RNG exists to party. Our only goal is to have a ridiculously good time as often as possible. We’re never promised tomorrow so make the most of today and embrace as much good as you possibly can. The party train awaits, you’re either on it with love and respect or you’re off.


Sashay Your Way into 2016


The Fun part of the Future is Now!

Can’t stop thinking about Fashion? Neither can we. Let’s sashay into 2016 in a big bold and beautiful way. The saying, “Image is everything” has its place in the world and should be used in a diverse and inclusive way. There is no one route to do things and RNG is all about uplifting and chandeliering those by whom we are influenced.

Drag Dolls
The unique and beautifully intricate faces of the world’s top drag artists and royals are definitely a part of our aesthetic. Bright, bold and beautiful, these darlings dare to break stereotype these days. The bar on the state of their art has been raised and we’ve learned so much on how to elevate the soul through their fashion and physical design. You can change yourself to be what you want to see. This is key…be what you want to see. Let James Hicks lead the way.


Drag Dolls, Dames and Divas – Buy your copy here!

The Land of the Lolita and Uplifting Tokyo
Having nothing to do with Nabokov’s book, Lolita life embraces the opportunity to create a physical piece of perfection through the matching of clothing in a strategic way. Sure, the brands have it, they keep pace. But this kawaii world allows you to really go deep and find what suits you. Try the many different styles including shironuri, gyaru, sweet, classic and kawaii mixes that rely on accessories and a good attitude.

Jump into Genderless
For those of us who do not identify with the genders presented to us at birth, the world is changing and embracing you. Androgenous, unisex and genderneutral fashion is part of the mainstream. While we still have to search for it carefully the shoppes are there waiting with open arms on the world wide web. Though this is not an underground movement, most that value fashion for those who refuse to be boxed, contorted and fixed into one of two sexes can find their fashion haven in numerous online stores. Don’t feel obliged to pick just unisex clothing, if you feel led to lean masculine despite your female stamp at birth, explore that with men’s shoppes. Statutes in your life hindering you from doing this? Re-examine it. It’s time to honour how you feel and listen to yourself and your Higher Power where (and if) it applies.

Check out these great looks in paisley black and white featuring H&M clothing uploaded by Zeus Pro.

Long formed standards that have pushed us into accepting limited ways of living are losing their strength. Ride the wave into a new thought process that is inclusive…be it loving your favourite luxurious Lolita fashion, doting on the drag dolls or stroling through life without male and female labels. It’s your turn to live without limitations.